Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anything But An Elephant!

Political correctness has made us fools. It has robbed us of reason and logic, making it almost criminal to speak truth, or call a thing by its proper name. Our refusal to properly identify something or someone is a seemingly daily occurrence, and every time anyone has the temerity to actually call a duck a duck, they are lambasted and labeled insensitive for daring to point out what everyone else is pretending they do not see.

In today’s society an elephant can be anything except for an elephant. It can be an obese zebra, a giraffe with a birth defect, a hippopotamus with an identity issue, but whatever we decide it is it cannot be an elephant.

As such, a Muslim extremist cannot be a Muslim extremist. Either he is a disenfranchised youth who was so appalled by the new dollar menu at his local fast food trough he just went nuts, or a young man who was spurned by love and decided to go out like the coward he was, or he was abused as a child, or touched by an uncle on Halloween when he was a teenager. Call him anything but what he really was, and try to explain away his actions by any means other than religious zealotry.

The reason everyone is so eager to call it something other than what it is, is because the whole notion of moral equivalency gets annihilated when you realize that one of these things is not like the other.

Grandma Doris won’t be trying to shoot up an army recruitment office after the potluck at the Foursquare Baptist Church, and uncle Bob isn’t planning on blowing himself up to get his seventy virgins after this week’s pancake prayer breakfast.

There is no moral equivalency here, yet this is what is being pushed over and over again. I’m sorry, but the crusades took place almost a thousand years ago. People are getting beheaded by Muslim extremists today. How is that the same? How are the two even in the same solar system?

We can go into the whole reason the crusades happened in the first place, and for those of you that have swallowed revisionist history it wasn’t because the Christians wanted to take over the world, it was to stem the timed of Muslim aggression, but that’s beside the point altogether.

What is of great import is that we start calling an elephant an elephant, and stop trying to find other justifications for what just happened and what will unfortunately happen over and over again, than that which  is painfully obvious from the jump.

We are where we are as a society because we refuse to call things by their proper name, and coddle that which we should be rejecting. Yes, abortion is murder! Yes, sin is terminal! Yes, religious zealots are actively seeking to murder innocent people thinking they are doing God a favor!

Unless we come to terms with reality, unless we lay aside the notion of political correctness and speak the truth unabashedly, our silence and obfuscation will be our own undoing.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Right on! Thanks for sharing this.

FionaB said...

So true! People want to be coddled and don't like to hear any truth that may cause disruption in their lives. This is why so many people flock to hear preachers who are motivational speakers rather than those who are trying to warn them to repent and get ready to meet Jesus. And those of us who have the boldness to tell it like it is will most likely be labeled as hate mongers, homophobes, or not caring about women's rights. The wheat is definitely being separated from the tares. The question Christians need to ask themselves is do we have what it takes to remain wheat and not fall into the pile of tares? Yes, an elephant is an elephant is an elephant.