Friday, March 8, 2019

All That Glitters

For the first nine years of my life I grew up in the ‘utopia’ some of the newly minted luminaries of politics are trying to shove down the gullets of an unsuspecting public here in the US. As such, not only do I have a frame of reference regarding Socialism, which is basically Communism without the force, I have ample reasons to detest both Socialism and it’s psychotic older sibling Communism with every fiber of my being.

Just in case some doe eyed innocent happens to be reading this, thinking to themselves that free stuff doesn’t sound so bad, let me break down what this nation will eventually, inevitably spiral into if we embrace the smallpox infected blanket known as Socialism. Sure it will keep you warm for a few months, but eventually it will be the thing that kills you.

Even a passing glance at the history of Socialism is enough to make people shudder if they’re honest with themselves. It’s like a Groundhog Day of human misery, with the same beginning, same middle, and same inevitable end each and every time.

It begins with a handful of inept but very vocal individuals, cloaking themselves in nobility, and promising equity and equality for all. No, there is no virtue in this handful of souls, there is no redeeming quality. They are pushing an ideology they have no intentions of abiding by, because in their minds, if they succeed, they will be the ruling class, and will not have to endure the indecency of eating their own pets for lack of food.

These are people who are self-aware enough to know that they just wouldn’t amount to much in the real world. They know their abilities or lack thereof, and realize that the best they could hope for is a middling existence, a run of the mill job like bar tending, and a life lived in quiet desperation. Socialism, to them, is their one shot at being something more than a nobody with crazy hair whose first real job was after the age of 40.

And so they target the most malleable of society, they exploit ignorance and poverty, and they commence the execution of their plans. Every good story needs a villain, and to the Socialists the villain is always the rich. Eat the rich, soak the rich, take from the rich because they don’t deserve to keep the stuff they earned! That, in a nutshell is the message.

What they fail to point out, and what every nation who has attempted Socialism has been confronted with is that eventually you run out of rich people to eat, and the definition of ‘rich’ gets broader, and broader, until if you have two chickens and someone else has one, you are rich, and by God, you have to pay your fair share!

And that’s where the dream turns into a nightmare. That’s where all the social engineering in the world just can’t make up for the fact that if you take the wealth of the rich and redistribute it to the poor, the rich will then be poor as well, and you have no one to take from anymore.

Imagine a pyramid. At first you tax only the ‘tippy top’ as the new Einstein of the Democrat party insisted, but after you tax the tippy top into insolvency, you have to start working your way down the pyramid in order to back-fill the money you need to provide for those ‘unwilling to work’.

So the tippy top becomes the not so tippy top, and with each cycle, the definition of rich gets watered down and diluted, because the coffers need to be filled anew, even though the misery index keeps rising.

By then it’s too late. Once a Socialist comes to power, their only purpose henceforth is to amass more power, and eventually, inevitably, when the people reach their breaking point and the enormity of what they allowed to transpire begins to sink in, the iron fist comes out, and any resistance is met with swift and definitive violence. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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