Saturday, March 23, 2019

Santa Did It!

There is a very real chance that if things go unchanged in Venezuela, come next winter, you will hear stories of cannibalism and people eating their dead. I know, I know, sounds farfetched, but that’s because you’ve never lived in a place where try as you might there was nothing to buy with which to feed your children, no matter how much worthless paper you had in your possession.

Within a two-year span, after well to do farmers were labeled Bolsheviks, and all the farmland was collectivized, you know, for the people and for the sake of equality, conservative estimates say 4 million people starved to death in Russia. Others put the estimate as high as 7.5 million.

It wasn’t because it was a bad year for farming, it wasn’t because there was some plague of locusts that decimated the crop, the farmland was taken from capable, hardworking, knowledgeable people, who understood farming and were able to actually grow something, and handed over to naves, buffoons, idiots, and knuckle draggers whose only mantra was that the rich didn’t pay their fair share, and so, they had to be stripped of all that they’d earned for the sake of equity.

It is an easy thing to live in the present, without fully fleshing out the context of the past, and understanding just how monstrous the descent of a country like Venezuela has been.

There was a point, not so long ago in the great scheme of things, that Venezuela was the richest country in South America. As far as geographical locations go, Venezuela won the lottery. Having the world’s largest proven oil reserves, enough beachfront to make Hawaii envious, and beautiful weather, Venezuela had everything going for it, and its future looked bright enough to require blackout glasses.

Then Santa came along. This particular Santa came in the form of Hugo Chavez, a less crazy looking version of Bernard Sanders, but with the same well-worn bag of goodies that he presented to the masses as some fresh and new idea of utopia.

It’s an easy process, really. First, you must manufacture the wedge: Why do some people have more than others?

The wedge is almost always class envy. That appeals to the vast majority who have not succeeded, who still struggle, or who suffer from greener grass syndrome. I know a few people like that. No matter how much they have, no matter how much the amass, the grass is always greener somewhere else, and they always find someone to compare themselves to that has more than them.

What an utter waste of time and energy. But see, Communism works because it appeals to base human nature. Communism works because it awakens the envy monster that lies dormant in most folk.

Once the wedge has been firmly established, then you start playing the what if game. What if we had free healthcare for all? What if we expunged all student debt? What if there was a universal basic income? What if you could stay home in your underwear and play video games all day, and somebody delivered your meals ready made, and warm?

Nobody ever asks Santa the most important question of all: Who are you planning on taking these things away from in order to give them to someone else?

Truthfully, most people don’t care. There’s a present under the Christmas tree, and that’s all that really matters. Nobody ever really looks into where it came from, who paid for it, how it got there, or who wrapped it. It’s there! Everything else is irrelevant.

But see, just as is the present case with Venezuela, and as has been the case for every nation that made a suicide pact with Communism, eventually Santa runs out of goodies, his bag is empty, and the nation, at that point, is so utterly decimated and stripped of opportunity, the infrastructure has so crumbled, and desperation has so overwhelmed the population, that there no longer remains hope for a redress or rehabilitation.

Sooner or later everyone discovers that there is no Santa Clause. My only hope is that America discovers it sooner rather than later. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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