Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fallen Man

Murderous hearts will always find a way to achieve their ends. Take away the gun, and they will use a truck. Take away the truck, and they will use a car. Take away the car, and they will use a knife. Take away the knife, and they will use a fork, their teeth, their fists, a brick, a sharpened stick, or whatever happens to be laying around.

There have been enough mass shootings and mass murders over the past few years, wherein anything substantive that would have been said about them has been said already. It is tragic, heartbreaking, stomach churning, and altogether inhuman, regardless of the religious ideology of those whose lives were taken.

Yes, I believe Islam is a false religion. Yes, I believe Muhamad is a false prophet. No, I do not want to see anyone slaughtered for it. As believers we are to love even our enemies. We are to love even those who would wish us harm and ill will.

No rational human being can take pleasure in carnage. No rational human being can take pleasure in slaughter, even if it happened half a world away. That said, the number of Christians being slaughtered throughout the world is disproportionately higher than any other religion, but for some unexplained reason this fact gets overlooked time and again by every media outlet.

We’re not talking about isolated incidents of violence here or there, we’re talking about entire countries intent in exterminating Christians and Christianity from within their borders. Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, China, do I need to go on, or have I made my point?

There is one other overlooked discrepancy that is worth noting, and that is while the Christians being tortured, crucified, thrown off buildings, drowned, burned alive, and decapitated, are being murdered by professing Muslims, none of the attacks on Muslims were carried out by professing Christians. This is not a meaningless distinction. This is not splitting hairs. It is the crux of the entire matter, and the prism through which it must be viewed if we are to be intellectually honest.

Somehow it still amazes us the depths to which the nature of fallen man will go. Somehow it still amazes us the cruelty men are capable of visiting upon their fellow man, and it shouldn’t. This is fallen man in all his grotesque, disfigured glory. This is what the heart of fallen man is capable of, without remorse, shame, or the rational awareness that they are ending something they have no right to end, a human life.

Rather than lament the situation for what it was, however, some have taken to connecting issues that have no correlation or relationship, simply because it fits their narrative. Somehow, in their diluted minds, American gun owners, and the President of the United States are directly responsible for the fact that some nihilist in New Zealand had a mental break and went on a killing spree.

It just goes to show that these individuals care not a whit about 50 dead people in New Zealand. All they care about is driving their narrative, and continuing to chip away at the fabric of this nation by any means necessary. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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