Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Emperor Has No XXY Chromosomes

I fear for my children’s future. It is not a sentiment I am comfortable with, or one that I can readily dismiss. With each passing day, more and more, like a slow drip inevitably filling the bucket below, I fear for my children’s future.

I watch in horror as reason, logic, and science are eviscerated and left to bleed out, all because we’ve wholly dismissed the idea that some people do suffer from mental disorders, and rather than be praised, encouraged and validated, they need to be helped and steered toward less permanent and less harmful expressions of their psychotic breaks.

What’s astounding to me is the constant need to find a new victim class, then demonize anyone who has a moral or logical objection to the new victims du jour. Once we’ve locked on, it’s all or nothing, and with the help of a biased media, a small minority can browbeat the vast majority into silence, even when the theater of the utmost absurd is playing out right before them. We have reached a point wherein if you object to the idea that just because a boy puts on some makeup and lets his hair grow out he is no longer a boy but has for all intents and purposes become a girl, you’re the crazy one.

We praise and applaud parents who administer hormone replacement treatments to toddlers, when they ought to be prosecuted and locked up for child endangerment and child abuse. Point out the obvious overwhelming statistics and the absolute shambles the lives of these children turn into when they reach adulthood, and no one seems to care. They are necessary sacrifices on the altar of political correctness, and God help you if you find that you can no longer remain silent, and actually say something about it.

The root of all this is rebellion, plain and simple. It is man’s attempt to convince the world that God made a mistake, that God was wrong, and that they are within their right to fix it, to remedy it, and to make it right. This is the driving force behind this newest and most disturbing of trends.

As of late, it seems that the chickens of this particular experiment are coming home to roost, and we are seeing even the most tolerant of society begin to object to the idea that biological boys are dominating girls’ sports, because they identify as female. As such, they are taking away college scholarships and all manner of benefits from biological females, and somehow, there is no voice out there pointing out that these ‘athletes’ have no XXY chromosomes, that they are not females, and that they are males.

But see, they’ve been laying the tracks of this particular suicide train for the past few decades, with the constant drumbeat that girls can do anything boys can, and boys can do anything girls can, and there is no difference between the two even though the Bible says the woman is the weaker vessel.

Now, I can obfuscate and say I don’t know what I’d do if when my daughters grew up they joined the wrestling team, and they were getting the snot beat out of them by a boy pretending to be a girl, but the truth of it is I do know what I would do. I know it just as sure as I know that if this madness doesn’t end, civilization will inevitably collapse in on itself.

The fact that parents will not defend their own children from this lunacy, the fact that as yet I have not heard of a father who ran down to the mat and had a man to man with the boy beating up his little girl, is beyond me.

I know, I know, scientists have said that gender is a spectrum now. Even though all evidence points to the contrary, and they’ve missed the boat on countless things, we are now, at this juncture, regarding this issue, supposed to believe scientists. They also said the food pyramid was the way to stay healthy, eggs were bad for you, sunscreen will save your life, and California would be under water by 2012. Allow me my skepticism of the scientific community, please.

If you want the naked truth, the uncomfortable truth, the truth that will make you squirm in your seat and hate the messenger, the scientific community is as much a whorehouse as politics is, and they will perform without question for the highest bidder, time and again, regardless of ethics, or other paltry things they did away with about the same time we did away with decency, morality, and faith.

They say what the highest bidder tells them to say, and right now there is a big push, and ungodly amounts of money being funneled to every corner, to make even the most extreme of perversion main stream, and readily embraced by all. Welcome to the new normal, where boys can beat up girls and get away with it, and even be praised for their bravery. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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