Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Common Enemy

It’s always fascinating to watch what strange bedfellows hate can bring about. Although hate is not as powerful as love is, it can be just as unifying. People who would have nothing in common in any other context are united in purpose because they are fueled by hate for one thing, one group of people, or one faith. These are individuals who would otherwise be at each other’s throat, but because they have found a common enemy, they have chosen to call an armistice and focus their attack on that which they hate.

I can’t say I’ve ever hated anything or anyone that much. Yes, there have been people in my life who bore false witness about me, who betrayed me, who sought to destroy everything in my life for no other reason than to hoard the ashes of what remained for themselves, but I’ve never once considered aligning myself with someone I despised in equal measure just to get at them.

Ever so slowly, the rabid enemies of all that is good and decent are beginning to lock in on a common enemy. They are beginning to see one particular group of people as the source of their discontent, and are cobbling together an alliance of the hateful, the fringe, the disenfranchised, and the outright insane.

It matters not that the individual they now call a brother in arms would likely cheer their being thrown off a roof in a different context, as long as they burn with hatred for the Christian and the Jew. That’s it! No further litmus test required. As long as you hate the right people, you are, for the time being, a useful tool, and you will be tolerated until you are no longer useful.

If one knows what to look for, if they can discern the telltale signs, they soon come to realize how sinister and diabolical what is currently taking place is, and also how prophetically accurate. The selfsame people screeching endlessly about hate having no home here, have revived the murderous hatred of old.

It’s a trick as old as time, and it’s lasted this long because it is effective. Accuse the other side of the things you are guilty of doing, do so vociferously and consistently, and they won’t have time to realize what you are doing in the shadows until it is too late.

There are far too many people looking for someone to blame for their hurt, even though most often their hurt is self-inflicted, and the puppet masters are doing their best to offer them a target upon which they can pour out their angst and frustrations.

For the most part, the church is as clueless as clueless can be, unaware of the forces aligning themselves to make war against it. We are like that nerdy kid in school who’s just excited to be befriended by the jocks, never wondering why, and ending up shoeless, in a locker, with snot running down his face.

The godless do not want to be your friend. The fact that you wave a rainbow flag at a parade to showcase your tolerance does not warm the cockles of their hearts. You are a useful idiot; someone they can point to when trying to shame those still standing on battlements into silence.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that hate will always find an outlet. This will not end well. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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