Thursday, August 22, 2019

Rewriting History

Recently the governor of Illinois signed a bill into law mandating that public schools now teach homosexual history. As one can expect from a jelly-spine church still suffering from the meat sweats due to the last successful potluck, there has been very little pushback or uproar.

It is a foregone conclusion that this faux history will be painted in the best possible light, and by the time they’re done putting together the curriculum, it was someone in the homosexual community who discovered everything from the cure to polio, to electricity, to the combustible engine.

It will not be a teaching of history, as much as a rewriting of history.

How far back will they go? Will the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah be included in the lesson plan? Somehow I highly doubt it.

Will the correlation between the homosexual lifestyle and the spread of aids be made clear? Again, highly doubtful.

What this law is intended to do is not to teach history, but to normalize an abomination. It is not to highlight accomplishments made by those with specific proclivities, but to conclude that save for the homosexual community we would still be drawing stick figures on the walls of caves, and cooking our meat on hot rocks in the midday sun.

Whenever a society normalizes the aberrant, there is always something more aberrant waiting in the wings to be normalized.

To say that this is an exaggeration is a nonstarter because we have seen it play out in real-time over the past few years.

We went from normalizing homosexuality to normalizing transgenderism, to lobbying for the age of consent to be lowered to 10, and branding parents who have a problem with their preteen daughters seeing fully grown men in wigs in the girls’ bathroom as bigoted.

Every news story that paints the sexually aberrant in a negative light gets squashed instantly, and so we never hear of little girls getting assaulted in public bathrooms, grown men exposing themselves to children not old enough to understand what is happening, or old men grooming teenage boys to be their playthings. Nothing to see here, move along, and keep your mouth shut!

If you talk about it, you guessed it; you’re a bigot.

Nobody wants to have an honest conversation, because the perverts and the pederasts have become a protected class, and we are sacrificing our children’s innocence on the altar of inclusivity and tolerance.

They’re already teaching children who should have no other concern than whether or not the fireflies they caught in the mason jar will survive the night, about anal intercourse and oral copulation. How much further into the depths of darkness must we descend, how much more of our children’s innocence must we surrender before the church pushes back?

We keep comforting and consoling ourselves with the mantra that light will always prevail over darkness, but for this to occur, the light must show itself, it must make itself known, it must shine bright; If the light is absent darkness reigns. Where is the light? Pray tell, where is the light?

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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