Monday, August 5, 2019

Perceived Value

Something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Someone is willing to pay for something only when there is a perceived value attached to it. It’s pretty simple, straightforward, and if you keep these two truths as your barometer, chances are you will always be able to find a good deal or at least get a better deal on any given thing than an impulse shopper.

My little brother loves a good deal. He’ll spend an extra ten minutes doing price comparisons and end up getting a flight or a hotel room for substantially less than the first offer, just because he put in the time. It’s not that others couldn’t do the same thing, it’s that most people nowadays can’t be bothered, or just don’t care.

Over the last few days, the internet and every news outlet known to man have been flooded by disingenuous hypocrites screeching about something having to be done about the violence we have seen unfolding of late.

“It’s the guns,” they mutter, “it’s the guns, and if we get rid of them, we can live in a world of peace and carefree frolicking.” They are going out of their way to conflate gun ownership with a propensity for violence, even going so far as to suggest that it’s the guns that make people homicidal.

These are the selfsame people advocating for post-birth abortion, and the selfsame clique of folks turning a blind eye to the hundreds of people being murdered on any given weekend in these nation’s major cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

The reason violence has become so commonplace is because there is no longer a perceived value when it comes to human life. Our culture places no value on human life! There. I said it! It’s the truth, and you know it, and I’m okay with the backlash I am certain will commence because I dared speak the truth.

When you are branded as being brave for killing a fully formed, viable human being in the third trimester for no other reason than because it would have been inconvenient to carry it to term, the value you place on life is less than nothing.

When you show more concern over a newborn puppy or kitten than you do a baby, and are willing to let the baby die in a bassinet while you and the doctor hash out whether it would impede your career trajectory if you kept it, your value system is irreparably broken.

The culture these hypocrites have been championing is breeding homicidal psychopaths who see no inherent worth or value in human life, and as such have no qualms about ending someone else’s.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and people kill people because we have stopped seeing the breath of life as the precious gift that it is. We have stopped perceiving life as the spark of divinity residing in all of us, and consider it as nothing more than a clump of cells, to be done away with and extinguished if it interferes with our schedule.

Welcome to the world the godless have dreamed of for so long. A world likened more to a waking nightmare than the utopia they promised it would be if only we could kill the defenseless and innocent at will. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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