Sunday, August 11, 2019

Misspelling Murder

It’s getting harder and harder not to believe in conspiracy theories, especially when what so many flippantly dismiss as conspiracy theories turn out to be factually, indisputably true. Even those who mock and laugh at most every story about rich and powerful people doing diabolical things in secret aren’t so willing to dismiss them anymore, because there comes a point wherein the evidence is so overwhelming that only someone who intellectually dishonest can still toe the line.

Yesterday it was reported that Jeffrey Epstein, the man widely rumored to have facilitated underage girls for the carnal gratification of powerful individuals, hung himself in his cell. Never mind the inconvenient tidbit that he was on suicide watch, or that anything you might possibly use to harm yourself gets taken from you when you get booked, or that he was likely being surveilled via video and audio in perpetuity.

He’s dead, and now the whole thing can get swept under the rug. I’m waiting for the first reporter to roll their eyes in feigned disgust and say, “why are we still talking about this when there are so many other topics we can be covering?”

It’s coming. I’m certain of it just as I was certain that Mr. Epstein’s days were numbered once he ended up behind bars.

No, I do not believe he got plastic surgery and was secreted from prison to live out the rest of his days on some non-extradition island paradise. He is dead, the news media just keeps misspelling murder, and calling it a suicide. Maybe it’s that bothersome autocorrect feature. Maybe that’s it. But if you believe this man offed himself when he could have struck a deal for his freedom by turning on the rich and powerful movers and shakers of today, you have yet to understand that these people play for keeps, and will silence anyone that becomes a liability.

Mr. Epstein was a facilitator. He was a purveyor of services to powerful people who rewarded him handsomely for keeping their secrets. When that confidentiality was called into question, and the potentiality of said confidentiality became likely, it was just a matter of time before the bells towed for Mr. Epstein.

Just a day before his oh-so-timely death, court documents were released naming a former Democrat senator, a former Democrat governor, and Prince Andrew, as having availed themselves of Mr. Epstein’s services. How much farther up the ladder do you think this would have gone had he been allowed to live?

Facilitators don’t get cozy retirements, especially if they hold a bagful of secrets about the world’s elite and are motivated to spill said bag and be free again or spend the rest of their lives rotting in a cell.

The deckhand who digs the hole into which the pirate captain deposits his ill-gotten gains doesn’t get to ride off into the sunset. Facilitators to the rich and powerful who end up behind bars and are offered plea deals, don’t get to testify under oath. Dead men tell no tales, and whatever tales he would have told had he lived to tell them were incendiary enough and would have cast a shadow over enough powerful people, that it was deemed necessary to kill him now, knowing the blowback that would ensue.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, it’s the same clique of perverts, pedophiles, and pederasts trying to engineer your life and browbeat you into silence that likely had this pedophile pervert killed in the hopes that his secrets would die with him. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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