Sunday, September 30, 2007


Too often, it seem we either forget, or choose to lose sight of the fact that this present life, this existence this flesh, and this earth are merely a rest stop on our way to eternity. When this occurs, when we forget that we are homeward bound, simply journeying through this world, we become encumbered with plans, wants and desires for today. We begin to fixate on tomorrow, and rather than live in the blissful intimacy that God offers all of His children, we are wracked with fears and worries, living perpetually disappointed and unfulfilled lives.
Although we should know better, it seems the church itself is more zealous in amassing, storing, and otherwise ensuring itself a comfortable lifestyle for the foreseeable future, than the world is.
We seem to be in a constant tug of war with God, mankind looking up to heaven screaming as far as their voices will carry 'come down', while God looks on, ever merciful, whispering to those who would have ears to hear, 'no, you come up'.
In most modern Christians' relationships with God, there exists a veritable conflict of interest, for while we demand an overabundance of earthly things from God, He continually tries to shift our focus back to the central idea, that He has prepared a place for us, that this is not home, that our hearts should not be tethered to this present life, and that He is waiting with open arms for us to join Him in eternity.
Life will always seem like a pointless exercise, meaningless in and of itself, to those who choose not to contextualize it in the light of eternity, and within God's absolute parameters. Hence the reason for men whom the world deems successful, both financially and in their chosen fields, ending their own lives, overcome with the bitterness and hopelessness of an empty existence.
The fact that this is not our home, should be at the forefront of our daily thoughts as children of God, and as one who longs to be home, we should look forward to that great day with joy and much anticipation.
Until that day however, our course is clear, and our path is sure, and though some may get distracted and sidetracked by the things of this earth, may our eyes always be on Christ, and the desire of our hearts, our heavenly Father's will.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Brother Michael! This message is so important.

I had a best friend when I was in my early 20's who I used to take for rides out in the country so she could get out of the city and smell the grass. We would go down all kinds of winding dirt roads to explore, and often come upon beautiful little "jewel box" cottages or old, expensively restored stone farm houses in the most gorgeous settings on creeks with flower gardens - like out of a magazine. Instead of thinking, oh, look at that, I wish I could live there, we would get so excited because we would say, if man can make something that beautiful to live in, if this fallen creation can be so beautiful, just think what kind of home Jesus is preparing for us! If the beauty we see here ministers to us, imagine what perfect beauty, suited to each of us as only Jesus knows us, is waiting in heaven! Without all the worry and work and maintenance. We would talk about what the NEW heaven and NEW earth might be like and laugh about the lie of wanting anything in this creation. That may sound childish or silly, since the point is really being with the Lord, but the joy that would hit us over that was so real. We felt like we might be caught up any minute. And then she was. The Lord took her not long after that, and I can't even explain the victory over death that I experienced. I was so filled with the Holy Spirit and joy when I heard that news. All I could think or say was, She's there! She's THERE! It's REAL! Although I miss her deeply and painfully sometimes, and have never had another friend like that in 15 years, the reality of eternal life and heaven as an actual place I'm going, with a home made for ME and people there waiting for ME, and a great cloud of witnesses cheering me on, has helped me through times of deep wilderness, darkness and testing.

Anonymous said...

Like Father Abraham, we are looking, or should have our eyes and hearts fixated on a city whose Builder and Maker is God.

A Seed Sower said...

As usual Bro Michael, another gem you have shared with us, and Amy I really enjoyed your testimony of your time with your friend, it was soul touching, thank you.
Helen B

Anonymous said...

I add my thanks also Bro Michael, and to Amy for your beautiful testimony. We are not citizens of this earth, we are aliens here longing for our true home.