Thursday, November 1, 2007

To Janine Dumitru

I still haven't figured out how to reply to comments, I must be handicapped. So, I will reply to your comment by posting the following I guess: I did not include my astrological sign, or my zodiac on my page, the program does it automatically when you enter your birth date. It is part of the template. I had no control over the matter, tried to expunge it, couldn't figure out how. Until now I didn't know what my zodiac was. Hope this clarifies things. God bless.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


James Kinsman said...

A rabbit (your zodiac) does not match your stature anyhow.
Keep blogging, you are reaching the depths of the lost internet souls.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all answer the "what's your sign" question with, "The cross of Jesus."

Anyway... I'm glad you answered Janine's question publicly. I didn't know your profile had a 'sign' attached to it as I was sent here from the HOH site so I have never read this profile. BUT, if I had, it would have concerned me also as to why it was listed. Now I know!

Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael, Thank you and bless you for responding to my concern. It shows just how pervasive the occult has become in our society when one's zodiac sign is attached to something without your consent or approval. I am so glad to hear that you did not do this on purpose. May God bless, Janine Dumitru

Anonymous said...

I have never seen that on your page Michael, but those stupid things pop up on a lot of sites and it is often part of the blog proforma.