Friday, February 15, 2013

Enough Blame To Go Around

There are certain things we would rather not deal with and there are certain realizations we would do almost anything to avoid. We realize full well that once we acknowledge something as being true and assume our own culpability in the matter, we have no choice but to attempt and remedy the situation or live with the knowledge of being willing participants in whatever the issue in question might be.

In and of themselves hamburgers don’t make me fat. I am myself culpable for the excess in adipose tissue around my midsection because I choose to eat the aforementioned hamburger rather than a salad or some yummy, yummy tofu.

Although it is easier for me to blame a slow metabolism, less then optimal genes, or an excess of hormones in the I-hope-it-wasn’t-horse burger, the simple yet painful truth is that I chose to eat the hamburger, found an excuse not to exercise, and am starting to see the appeal of stretchy pants as a direct result.

Say what we might about the world we live in, the simple yet painful truth is that the church is culpable and partially responsible for the world’s condition. Darkness grows in direct proportion to the diminishing of the light, and the more the light of truth was dimmed in our churches, in our pulpits and in our hearts, the darker and more lawless the world around us became.

We’ve lowered the once high standard to the point of nonexistence, then wonder to ourselves why our churches seem so much like the world and why the God we claim to serve is no longer felt among us, no matter how much we might clap or sing or yell and demand He make an appearance.

If those called to be the light of the world can’t manage to shine, what can we expect of a world which lies shrouded in darkness and despair? If we who are to be the salt of the earth have lost our savor, what can we expect of those who never knew truth?

Until the church returns to the heart of repentance and humility God has called it to, until the household of faith returns to righteousness and holiness unto God, we can hope the world will change for the better, but we will be hoping in vain.

If righteousness exalts a nation, then lawlessness disparages it.

Somewhere along the way it was agreed upon that rather than daily live out our faith and exemplify Christ Jesus in all we do, it would be much easier to become a political force and attempt to wield our influence whichever way we saw fit.

Sadly, we’ve come to see that in having abandoned righteousness for the sake of political influence, we’re left with neither influence, nor righteousness.

There is a reason the world mocks the church and it’s because the church isn’t living what it’s preaching. It is so obvious, so glaring, that even the blind could spot the inconsistencies.

I realize full well that if I get any deeper into this, some of you will inevitably lash out and I will be branded a moralist or a legalist or whatever else the new buzzword is that men use to shut the mouths of the few who still dare point out the crux of the problem, but you and I both know that if judgment begins with the house of God, repentance must likewise begin with the house of God.

Between looking to be caught away any day and living with the expectation of a great sweeping revival, most believers are failing to live their lives wholly surrendered to Christ and to daily work out their salvation with fear and trembling. Until this occurs, until the church becomes the Church once more, until the Body of Christ is once more animated, alive, and full of power, we will continue to witness an ever darker world, and be ever more vividly aware of our culpability for its condition.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


j said...

Once again you are speaking the truth. I have talked with our pastor two different times about this. I said too him. When is the last time you spoke on heaven, and hell, the end times, gave a salvation message, why abortion and homosexuality is wrong. I asked him when was the last time our church had a message in tongues and interpretation?
All he could tell me is I feel like the word of God is being preached here. I have since left the church and I'm trying to find a church that preaches the uncompromise word of God.
My wife had to attend our former church because she's still counting the offering but here's what she told me.
Last Sunday February 10th he had a message on holy sexuality.
Pray for me as I am wanting to dig dipper into God's word.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I'm very grateful you speak the truth in love. It's what I need to hear and the Holy Spirit is convicting me. You are here because the Lord is using you to sound the alarm. Perhaps many will not listen, but some are. It doesn't matter what man thinks, what matters is obeying the Lord and doing His will. It's going to get much worse, but I'm praying the Lord will count us worthy to endure what is to come as we seek Him. The Lord uses you in a way that.... I see my face in a magnified mirror, and the blemishes I didn't see before are more clear than ever. I keep praying for the Lord to open my eyes all the more. Also know, my husband and I are praying for you and your family. God bless you

Barbara said...

Yeah they want to talk about holy sexuality, finance, relationships with the opposite sex, and all kinds of other worldly things. Anyone who acts truly godly will stick out like a sore thumb. They will be shining light everywhere, while those around them do everything they can to fight it off.

Most people are too selfish and weak to want to put themselves in that position. They would rather play at being Christian than to go through the fire of refining. Being a Christian is extremely hard because it is not of this world. People don't encourage you, espeically when you go to church. It is more a competition and challenge. You get asked if you are a Christian, like you couldn't possibly be one.

I think that people who decide to take Christ seriously soon find out that there is no place for them in the churches of man. People are misguided and following earthly leaders instead of drawing closer to God.

The world is going to fall away from God and into deeper depravity. All we can do is try to save ourselves and those willing to be saved.

Unknown said...

Hey mike, I've been a hearer of you for a a half a year and find that you and very few others speak the truth of the Church. The Lord Jesus saved me only 1 year ago this month and I sought exactly what a Christian is and He lead me to you. I'm 23 yrs old, white male, serving in the marine corps and about to be medically retired, just to give you a picture of myself. All I want to send you is love, I bought your October prophecy club DVD and am one of those whose soul has benefited from your life of sacrifice. There are no words I can say to comfort your heart that you don't already know from The Word. But I thank you for the work Christ has preformed in you to further conform me to Himself and pursue Holiness. I am just one life whom you've help bring to becoming as one of the true church is supposed to be. I know one day you will know the number and here is one. Thank you and I love you with all Christ has given me to love with. Your brother in Christ -Thomas Okulovich

Michael Boldea Jr. said...

Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Although I am thankful to God when anyone of any age comes to the knowledge of His truth and begins to seek Him more diligently, perhaps it's because I was once young or I see where the youth of America is headed, that it makes me smile just a little more when someone your age writes in and tells me they've been stirred to righteousness through what God allows me to do. Please know that you are in my prayers, and if there's anything you need, don't hesitate, and I will try my best to accomodate. If the Lord terries, it is necessary for those of your generation to be stirred to the love of Christ for the Gospel to continue being preached. I'm pushing forty, others I know are pushing sixty and eighty, so sooner or later it'll be back to the mud for us. You're still young, have time to grow in God, grow in grace, grow in understanding, and when I and those of my generation are gone someone will need to step up. God bless you Thomas. Keep pressing in. Mike