Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Ten Things Christians Must Stop Doing!

As the prophetic times we are living in are becoming more evident and as those seeking counsel or direction are multiplying, countless individuals have been trumpeting their opinions as to what the children of God ought to be doing.

From the ever popular ‘it’s time to get serious about God,’ (as though God was okay with our playing games with, abusing, and dishonoring Him up until it got difficult for us,) to ‘it’s time to grow up,’ (as though spiritual infancy was acceptable until recently,) many voices are telling the household of faith what they must do, and do today.

The way I see it, before we can start doing something new, we must stop doing what we had been doing up to that point. And so, rather than give you a list of what Christians should do, today I give you a list of the ten things we must stop doing before we start doing anything else.

As always they are in no particular order, and you can prioritize them as needed.

1. Christians must stop allowing being called names to affect them, or the fear of being hated and marginalized to silence them.

2. Christians must stop believing teaching without diligently searching scripture to see if the two are in harmony.

3. Christians must stop believing the words of men in lieu of the words of Jesus.

4. Christians must stop allowing denominational dogma to nullify the written word of Scripture.

5. Christians must stop focusing on one dimension of God exclusively while ignoring the rest.

6. Christians must stop refusing to fellowship with brethren who disagree with them on secondary or tertiary dogma.

7. Christians must stop becoming more like the world in the hopes of winning the world for Christ.

8. Christians must stop neglecting the foundational pillars of the faith such as prayer, fasting, and the diligent study of Scripture.

9. Christians must stop being hypocritical in their actions.

10. Christians must stop cherry-picking verses which validate their preconceived notions, and receive the whole counsel of God.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these things. Its making me ponder for sure. Michael, when you wrap up the study on praying, would you prayerfully consider doing a study on 2 Peter 1:1-15? Thank you

j said...

Thank you for your list. I see where I have come up short in all 10 of these.

Barbara said...

Those are good. I can pretty much agree with all of those. I have things I wish Christians would stop doing.

1. Stop forcing people to dance for joy at services and call it worship. It looks like a dance contest or American Idol. Some people are tired and depressed and it is all they can do to just quietly thank God in their head.

2. Stop telling people that their financial problems are their fault for not tithing off their net monetary income. Stop telling them that they will be financially well off once they apply the princpal of reciprocity. I want to see solid proof or don't try to guilt me into giving away a large amount of money.

3. Stop speaking in jibberish and calling it tongues. Tongues are languages and babbling and saying it is prayer is like being possessed.

4. Stop casting out demons. Most people aren't ready to be pure. You have to work on the inner man first before you are strong enough to withstand another infestation.

5. Stop bragging about all of the outreach you do with donations instead of showing how the faithful are being taken care of. Where does it say that Christians must take care of the rest of the world's needs and not their own?

6. Stop saying that people must attend church to survive as a Christian. Most people can't find a church where they even feel safe to attend, let alone supported and strengthened. The Bible says forsake not the gathering of yourselves together for my name's sake. They say that means you have to go to church, but what if it means that you shouldn't avoid meeting with other believers for the sake of looking godly?

7. Don't tell other people how to dress as if one way is more moral than another. God is no respecter of persons.

8. Don't take money to build fancy church buildings and leave memebers of the congregation in desperation for money to pay bills and keep from getting deeper into debt to meet living expenses.

9. Don't act like everyone who walks in the door is good and must be loved and get along with everyone else. There are alot of wolves in sheeps' clothing who prowl in the houses of worship.

10. Don't act like you are justified in backbiting Isreal and Jews because you heard that Zionism is evil and believe the lies against the Jews. The Jews are the root from which Christians grow, so if they get destroyed, so will the adoptees.

Eli said...

Thank you so much for posting these; they are so important and relevant in today's dark, dark world.

I am finding in my day to day walk in Christ that I am being confronted more and more with possible situations where I can choose to either stand up for my faith or step down in the name of being PC or keeping my job or what have you, and every single time I choose to stand in defense of that which is most precious, He is there every time to support and protect.

It's a terrifying thing at times knowing that your very life and lively hood is in danger every single day because of the choice you make to proclaim His Name, but simply exhilarating every time you are faithful to Him and you see Him and His promises manifest themselves to keep you safe in His arms.

Allyson said...

Hmmm. Food for thought, and good food too.