Friday, February 8, 2013

Selective Outrage

There is no one I find more disingenuous than the practitioners of selective outrage. Their overly dramatic reactions are so tiresome and off-putting that I would rather someone slap my face repeatedly than listen to one more self-important blowhard spew their rhetoric.

No, this does not promise to be a spiritual post, but I’ve just had my fill of people being outraged over a pastor saying the practice of homosexuality was sinful, while simultaneously, the selfsame people have no qualms about killing a helpless human being because its being born into the world would somehow inconvenience them.

Get off the high horse, burn the soapbox, you don’t have a leg to stand on and you know it!

As long as we allow the enemies of the cross to twist the narrative, and bait us into illogical arguments absent the basest of reason, we will always feel as though we’ve wasted our time and effort in attempting to elucidate a certain topic or point of contention.

The big secret is this: the world doesn’t want their minds changed, and they don’t want to see another point of view in regards to their preconceived and tightly held notions. They want to be validated. They want everyone to agree with the foul perversity of their argument, and if someone dares to disagree based on logic and reason and decency and common sense, then the tolerance runs out, and freedom of speech no longer applies, and you are now and forevermore labeled a hatemonger.

We have grown so disillusioned and have become such a self-loathing people, we go out of our way to take offense and find something to be outraged about. Once we have been thoroughly outraged, we then feel so self-important we are subsequently compelled to tell everyone within earshot we’ve been offended. Well, I take offense at your offense, and am outraged at your outrage.

I don’t mind people who are consistent in their outrage. If you hold to a certain viewpoint and do so consistently, then at least you are constant. It’s those who expect me to bend over backwards and betray my most fundamental of beliefs in order to understand what they’re going through and walk a mile in their shoes, yet who will allow for no such reciprocity when it comes to their own convictions.

What’s worse is that many Christians have caught this malady from the world, and they themselves are beginning to practice selective outrage when it comes to certain doctrines, dogmas, or denominational edicts. It’s no longer about who is Biblically correct; it’s about who is brasher, who can scream loudest, and who can bully others into silence.

I don’t know…it’s just one of those mornings with heavy snow falling outside, and a dozen e-mails to answer, all dealing with some finite aspect of doctrine or dogma, and how I’m wrong for encouraging people to seek spiritual gifts, because some preacher in California said they weren’t for today, so I must be delusional after all.

I think I’ll take the weekend, and go play in the snow.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I was just reading, before you, 2Thess 2.10 And 2532 with 1722 all 3956 deceivableness 539 of unrighteousness 93 in 1722 them that perish 622; because 473 3739 they received 1209 not 3756 the love 26 of the truth 225, that 1519 they 846 might be saved 4982(strong's ##) "Many called, few chosen". Divisions must occur so that the approved are manifested. "We wrestle not against.." all easier said than done. This process of perfection and being made into vessels of honor, hurts. Keep up the good and faithful work my brother, for your reward is great in Heaven. Play in the snow and cool off. Make a snowman Devil, and then thrash it!!!!! :)

Barbara said...

I'll stick to my own side and if they don't like it, I will tell them that they are intolerant of my view and end it. There is no point arguing. The Bible says not to fight and argue with people over what they believe. That is their business if the want to be wrong and don't want to hear another view with reason.

I just laugh at them inside, because they think they know more than they do. Even if I disagree with someone, I am glad to hear their point of view and accept it for what it is. People who try to bully others mentally are basically into mind control, which is akin to witch craft.

I think alot of churches and even social interactions are mind control and cultish. There is expectation of what your point of view is, and if you try to forge your own path, they come down on you like bounty hunters. That is why the Bible says it is good to keep your mouth shut sometimes.

It is good when you can freely talk with someone, but most people don't have that much tolerance in them to stand for it. Conversation ends up being nothing more than a charade of hot air. It is better to be offensive and genuine than a people pleaser who can't even please himself.

Most people are just too self absorbed to even care about another person's opinion. Even if I think someone is 100% wrong, I am greatful that they shared their heart with me. Other people don't see it that way and think they are on this earth to make it a better place through their own opinions.

It is in your worldly actions that your spiritual light shines to the world.

Chalford said...

I hope you have a most awesome weekend playing in the snow!
God bless you and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your endless and untiring Godly teaching and encouragement Mike Boldea!! ♥

With love in Christ Jesus
Carol H.

Anonymous said...

Do not dispare... I continue to be in agreement with you for a very long time now or else I would have left to be fed elsewhere (if posible). I know I don't write often, but just felt like you needed to hear from me today.

I stand with you, Michael.

With love in Christ Jesus,
Ohatchee, AL

meema said...

Fret not, Dearheart, Satan is hoping to frustrate and therefore distract you. Don’t fall for it. I am praying for you to regain your peace and joy. We can pray for those who worship their doctrine more than they do Christ, but ultimately, their walk is their own. You can reach out to bring them up, but you are not required to allow them to pull you down.

“When you emerge from seeking God, full of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to stand with boldness before fellow workers, family, anyone, and your witness will provoke one of two reactions. They will either cry out, “What must I do to be saved?” or they will want to kill you! You will speak a word that cuts to the heart. The difference is found in the power of the Holy Spirit.” ~ David Wilkerson

(Isaiah 40:31) But they that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

(John 14:27) Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled . . .

Anonymous said...

i know the feeling. bless you bro. i think i will play in the snow also.
bro rich

brother Sam said...

God bless you brother, keep on keeping on. One of the few shepherds in the last days that actually adhere to the word of God.

I am thankful for you and your posts... as I am abhored and saddened to go to local churches who sing the same tune of of positive thinking: "all is well, just say this prayer, your blessed, you gotta have vision, etc. " ... I yearn to hear the word of God taught, and the Lord has provided, through you, and listening to sermons of the late pastor David Wilkerson, and late Leonard Ravenhill.

I just read through Jeremaiah recently and seeing how there were so many false shepherds who preached "peace" and that all would be well while in Lamentations it speaks of how the sin must be dealt with in order to be set free from captivity...

Again, I say God bless you, I thank God for you, that there is a man of God out there... preaching the truth, hearkening to the voice of the Lord.. I say this as I sit here in the land of the Chaldeans.. a land filled with sin, and in which if I say, "I am a Christian", I will get angry glares and stares...