Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The New Book!

As promised some time ago, the first volume of the study on prayer is now available. After receiving some invaluable advice and feedback, we settled on a new title. The primary reason for this is because there are a handful of other books with the same name, and rather than cause confusion, we thought it best to change the title.

And so, the title of the first volume is:

When Ye Pray: The Anatomy of Prayer!

The book comes in just shy of 330 pages, and as far as my personal estimation goes, none of it is fluff. Lord knows if I wrote for the financial aspect of it, I'd start writing some self-help drivel about how you can shape your future with your positive thoughts, but since it does cost money to print and whatnot, there is a price tag of $14.95.

Since we have some guests from Holand and are planning on an extensive excursion into the rural areas to pass out food, clothing and other needed items, I will leave this up for a few days, perhaps even a week depending on how long we'll be out.

As always, feel free to get a copy, perhaps two and give one to a friend, and if you are so inclined please rate it after you've read it.

The Kindle version should be out shortly, and it will be considerably cheaper for those preferrential to electronic books or on a budget, but for now all you get is the paperback.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

                             When Ye Pray: The Anatomy of Prayer

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Yes!!! Thank you,thank you,thank you!!