Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Reality Check Part 10

The last part of this protracted series is up, and since I've posted all the others I thought I'd post this one as well. Hopefully it has given you a better understanding of the times we are living in and as such stirred you to tailor you walk, worship, and prayer life in such a way wherein you will continue to stand while others are falling by the wayside.

If it was within my power I'd hold every believer up in the days to come, but all I can do is teach and warn and instruct. The actual preparedness must be an individual undertaking, something we do ourselves for ourselves, knowing that time spent in prayer, praise, worship, reading the Word and learning to hear the voice of the Lord is never wasted time. Sooner or later these practices bear good fruit, and we will see the true and full measure of their benefit in our lives further down the line.

In His goodness God has given us ample time to clean house, prepare our hearts, anchor ourselves in His Word, and grow in Him. If we have squandered the time pursuing other things, or have been caught up in the frenzy of being caught away before we have to exert oursleves in any manner, there is still time to cling to Jesus, place our hope in Him, and steel oursleves for what is to come.

Realistic readiness beats unrealistic optimism each and every time.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

                                         Realith Check Part 10


Barbara said...

I still think that Paul was speaking of the people outside the church who are acting worse. If it was the people in the body, he said to turn away from them so that they are no longer in the body pretty much. I think there is just going to be more horrible people in the world and that people who used to be alright pretty much even without God, are going to get more and more vile and corrupt.

You can get along with people in the world as long as they aren't despicable. The problem is that there is getting to be fewer and fewer people who are safe to deal with.

The people who are in the church with a form of godliness but no real knowledge are a different group. You have to turn away from them because they can corrupt you with their weak attitudes. They are looking for an easy path to salvation, and think it is as simple as buying their way in and shmoozing up the right people.

That is becasue they have no real love of the truth but merely love of position and a life of ease. There are crosses to be borne by believers, as in, being called mean for not embracing these fools with open arms.

The differenc between a worldly degenerate and a church bum is that it is easy to see the lost as lost. The church person pretends to know better or should know better. They act like the wolves outside but wear the clothing of the sheep inside.

They do use their interpretation to beat and abuse other sheep. The fruit of the spirit is kindness, gentlessness, meekness, temperance, etc. They are not showing this if they don't give others a chance to live out their own path.

Their form of godliness is singing loudly and throwing tons of money in the collection plate. That buys them credibility but not honor. Givng of the spirit is important, not just money. These people have nothing to give but spite, judgement, and self glorification along with their tithes.

j said...

I was reading an article on The article was titled Sex Symbols who speak in tongues.
The last sentence of the article says it all.
It's time to say goodbye to this water-down sin-excusing so-called gospel that offers everything and calls for nothing. It's time to get back to the cross and back to the truth. Otherwise as America collapses in a heap of a moral ruin, the soft preaches of America will be largely to blame.
I wrote this to say this. Pastor Mike please keep preaching the truth like you are doing. I wish we had more Pastor's like you. I can see all America is morally declining. People can not find jobs and most people are giving up hope in finding a job. I feel like the worse is yet to come in America. I pray that the Lord will help me through these times were living in and that God will reveal himself too me.
Thank you,