Friday, May 10, 2019

Playing Dirty

If you can't win fair, play dirty! By all accounts, this seems to be the new motto of the left, and they are taking to it like a fish to water, or a pig to….truffles. Their dogged tenacity is admirable, but there comes the point wherein that dogged tenacity turns into something more akin to a childish tantrum.

It’s when elected officials start stomping their feet and holding their breath just because they didn’t get their way that their actions are no longer admirable, laudable, or commendable, but instead turn into something grating and loathsome.

If this keeps up, they'll be investigating whether or not Donald Trump ate his vegetables when he was a toddler, and if not, then contemplate whether or not to consider impeachment because of it. If it were not for the very real possibility that a handful of buffoons with an ax to grind will spark a civil war all while on the public dole, this would be laughable.

It is troublesome when elected officials have no regard for the wellbeing of the nation. It is disturbing when power is the only thing they understand, and the only thing they are concerned with. If they’re not playing for power, then they don’t want to play, the little people be damned.

I have come to believe that the reason most of the political class loathe this current president so goes deeper than the fact that he was not supposed to win, or that he threw a monkey wrench into their plans for globalism.

I believe the reason the political class on both sides of the aisle, both Republican and Democrat hate this president with a white-hot hatred is because he exposes and highlights their true nature. For all his faults, Donald Trump loves America and the American people. Most politicians consider their constituencies beneath them, mindless drones to be manipulated every four years to vote them in for another term.

It is also why I believe this president is so loved by those who support him, even when he sticks his foot in his mouth, or says things in a less congenial way than the pearl-clutching folk would have it. It reminded me of vitriol and hatred protestant Christians endured at the hands of Orthodox priests when they first ventured into Eastern Europe after the end of Communism.

The reason the priests detested us is because the people saw that while they built mansions we built orphanages, while they bought Bentleys we bought cows for the poor, while they shopped designer, we gave clothing to the naked, and the list goes on.

Our actions peeled back the mask and exposed the greed, selfishness, and self-serving tendencies they exhibited. I believe the same sort of unmasking has taken place in regards to the political class, and vast swaths of people are seeing that for most of the monosyllabic politicians who would have no marketable skill in the real world, public service is not an end unto itself, it is the means to a self-serving end. If you think these people will voluntarily walk away from their gravy train now that they’ve firmly planted themselves at the taxpayer trough, you’ve got another thing coming.

The political class does not despise Donald Trump because of his politics. The political class hates Donald Trump because he exposed them for the leeches they are, and they just can't have that. To protect their Ponzi scheme not only will they play dirty, if allowed they will bend the law, break the law, see good men's reputations shredded and torn to tatters, and what's worse, they won't lose a minute's worth of sleep over it. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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