Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wait For It!

Some ten or so years ago I got talked into a new diet that was supposed to do wonders for me. It was supposed to be magic, if you believe in such things, wherein you can eat anything you wanted, never exercise, and watch the fat melt off as though you were a slab of bacon in a furnace.

Every other diet heretofore was to be made obsolete, and the reason it hadn’t caught on like wildfire was because the health and wellness industry was attempting to stifle this new innovation. It would decimate the whole billion dollar industry,  and they just couldn't risk having it made public. Okay, a bit conspiratorial, but sure, let's go with that.

Like every other chunky person, when I heard I could eat whatever I wanted, not exercise and still lose weight, I was on board. All I had to do was drink a thimble of apple cider vinegar every morning before eating anything, then bring on the pies, the waffles, the pancakes, and the crapes. That's right, crapes!

It was a fantastic diet as far as restrictions were concerned. Nothing was off limits! Everything was permitted in whatever quantities you so chose. The only problem was that after about two weeks the scale started heading in the wrong direction. I was supposed to weigh less, not more. I had been taking my thimble full of apple cider vinegar religiously, every morning. Something wasn’t adding up.

I approached the person who sold me on the diet and asked why I was seeing the opposite results to those advertised, and he soothed my concerns by telling me my body was warring against the powerful forces of the vinegar and I was retaining water. In reality, I was losing body fat, but that was being offset by the water I was retaining.

I gave it a couple more weeks, then I realized the person was either insane or was trying to sell me a bill of goods because the vinegar did nothing as long as I kept eating the same things I always had. 

I fear the same disconnect is taking place among those who insist that national revival is just around the corner, while the whole of society, including the church itself, is headed in the opposite direction.

"Wait for it! Wait for it!", They cry like the man who bought the biggest firework he could find on the 4th of July only to see it smoke, fizzle, and sputter. Something has to happen! It has to. We’ve been fed the constant diet of imminent revival for so long, that even though we are seeing the diametrical opposite take place, we’re still sitting back waiting for it.

I woke up this morning to an article written by a Baptist pastor and published in USA Today, that insists the Bible can't be trusted, and for the church to survive, it must receive into its bosom open LGBTQP members, without reservation or call for repentance.

This was penned by a supposed pastor, not some gay activist, or some godless busybody who has no clue as to what the Bible says.

This is where we are presently. Indifference has become tolerance, tolerance has become acceptance, acceptance has become validation, and now, if perchance you still dare to quote the Bible, people who call themselves pastors and shepherds will be the first to eviscerate you and condemn you for your intolerance.

We are headed in the opposite direction from revival. We are headed in the opposite direction from repentance. We are embracing abomination, yet are being told it really isn’t so. We are getting further and further away from the light - and I’m not talking about the world - yet insistent voices keep screeching wait for it!

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr. 

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