Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Now?

The nerd kings of Silicon Valley have finally shown their hand. They have initiated a purge of conservative voices, they have begun to feverishly deplatform anyone with dissenting opinions, and the most important question has yet to be asked. The question isn’t why, we already know why, the question that must be asked, the most relevant question of all is why now?

The simple answer is because they had no choice. The complicated answer is a bit more drawn out, but the payoff is so illuminating it may just be worth the read.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, yesterday Facebook and its subordinate company Instagram began a purge of conservative voices off of their platforms. This happened within a matter of hours of Attorney General William Barr not showing up for the congressional hearings on the Mueller report, and if you believe this was coincidental in any way, you don’t as yet understand the game that is being played.

Understand that the nerd kings of Silicon Valley wanted to put off showing their naked bias for as long as possible. They wanted you to continue hoping that they were fair handed, willing to hear opinions from both sides or at least allow views from both sides on their platforms. They hoped Mueller would uncover something heinous, grievous, worthy of impeachment, so they wouldn't have to step in and show their hand.

Then all their dreams came crashing to the ground, tattered and in flames, a Hindenburg sized disappointment. There was no collusion, there was no obstruction, the bad orange man would not be forced to go away, and they realized they'd have to unmask themselves. They'd have to reveal their real intent and step in if there was any hope of regaining the white house in eighteen short months. 

Whether someone picked up a phone and called up the nerd kings to explain the dire straits their side was on, or they figured it out themselves, I do not know. What is clear, is that for the past three years they’ve been pushing a narrative that turned out to be a lie, and here we are, two and a half years later, and the only thing they’ve been hanging their hopes on has evaporated.

They have no message, they have no plan for the country, and the contenders vying for the nomination on the Democrat ticket are less than impressive. You have a creepy old guy who likes to sniff hair, another creepy old guy who watches pornography with his mother, a fake Indian, the mayor of a tiny town in Indiana whose only claim to fame is that he does presently what Kamala Harris used to do to get ahead career-wise, and those are the frontrunners. Unimpressive is kind, and someone, somewhere realized that they were in serious trouble, and needed help.

In step the nerd kings of Silicon Valley, trying to put their collective thumbs on the scale, and I believe that if the silent majority does not stand up to the inequity we have just witnessed, the deplatforming of a handful of conservative minded individuals is only the beginning.

Truth must be silenced at all cost for the lie to win. They know this, and for the next eighteen months, we will see an ongoing, systematic, silencing of those bold enough to speak the truth, because the truth always has a ring to it that is undeniable.

Some individuals will choose to self-censor because they don't want to lose ad revenue, or because they've put too much time into these platforms just to see everything disappear with the click of a mouse. This is what they're counting on, and making examples of a handful of people as a shot across the bow will send the crystal clear message, that you have the freedom to say whatever you want, as long as what you say falls in line with what we believe.

There is an incestuous triangle taking shape between mass media, the nerd kings, and the Democrat party, that should be a concern to any free thinking individual in this country. Winning is everything to these people, and they don’t care how many of your liberties they have to trod underfoot in order to achieve their objective. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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