Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Next Step

There has been a wave of elections throughout Europe of late, and all of them point to one undeniable reality: the average citizen is not enamored with globalism, and they have made their voices heard by casting their vote.

Even Australia got in on the act, going against opinion polling, and electing Scott Morrison, a conservative, to a full term as prime minister. Everywhere you look, the little people are rebelling against the notion of a one world government, and the power players in the shadows, those who pull the strings of those who pull strings are not very happy.

It seems we little people just can’t see reason. It seems we little people just don’t know what’s good for us, and we keep kicking against the goads when it comes to being ruled by sniveling, spineless technocrats, for whom the whole of humanity is nothing more intriguing than a number on a spreadsheet.

Throughout history, humans without humanity have been responsible for the worst atrocities known to man. When everything gets boiled down to a numerical reference when you don’t see people but numbers, it’s easy to talk about doing away with half the world’s population because of diminishing resources, and all the other frightening things the mind trusts at Davos and other elite gathering places seem to want to implement.

However much they try, however, it seems the one sticky wicket, the one fly in the ointment, is the average, hardworking, tax-paying, voting citizen who likes his national identity, who likes the idea of borders, and who likes the notion of keeping what he earns rather than financing the irresponsible behaviors of other nations.

So far, they thought it was a fluke, a blip on the radar to be overlooked in the great scheme, but now that a pattern is emerging, the globalist cabal will soon have to employ contingencies to keep the dream of utopia alive and kicking.

The easiest and fastest way to bring people to heel is chaos. War, famine, pestilence, disease outbreaks all serve a purpose as far as they are concerned, and one does not need prophetic insight to understand that these are the things which are about to be unleashed on the world.

They’ve worked too hard for too long to give up so easily. They’ve worked too hard for too long to let some peasants dictate their futures by voting. If they can’t rule it, then they’d rather see it burn.

Once you understand the mindset of such individuals, you understand that there is no line they will not cross, no immoral plan they will not employ, if they believe it will serve their ends. They think themselves superior to you and me, and as such have granted themselves the right to dictate how we live, and if you don’t like it tough luck; they know better, and you just haven’t figured that part out yet.

Because things are not going the way they planned, the next step is violence, instability, war, famine, and all manner of dastardly things, on a global scale. This will be done in the hopes that the citizenry will conclude that self-rule and self-reliance are not for them and embrace the globalism so many are pushing for nowadays.

The upside is that they did not expect this pushback. They did not expect this resistance, and it took them by surprise. They are discombobulated, off-kilter, and angry. It is inevitable that they lash out, but perhaps, the human spirit will surprise them once more, and men’s inherent yearning to be free will sustain them through the schisms and upheavals.

One thing I know: If you have God, you will weather the coming storm. If you live a life of obedience and surrender, having humbled yourself at the foot of the cross, then come what may, He will be there, a guiding light, an ever-present help, a comfort, a shelter, and a provision. This one thing is the only thing that will set you apart from those whose hearts will fail them for fear of what is to come. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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