Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Devil Inside

It takes a lot to make me cringe. It takes, even more, to make me wince. I’m not what one might call easily rattled. I’ve seen a lot in my forty-four years of life, some good, some bad, and some grotesque, enough so that it takes something out of the ordinary to make me react.

Yesterday I had to change the oil on my wife’s car. It was long overdue, and the blinking service soon light had gotten to the point of being annoying, so much so that I finally relented and made the appointment.

There isn’t much to do in one of those waiting areas other than wait, so I started surfing news sites on my phone when a headline caught my eye. It had to do with counter protesters at a pro-life rally because nothing says Tuesday like protesting against people who want to keep babies from being murdered.

I clicked on the link, and thankfully, the volume on my phone was turned to low. The scene was of an elderly woman who in any other context would be deemed grandmotherly, screaming profanities at a young woman holding up a pro-life sign, with such force, ferocity, and determination, that I couldn’t help but wonder if the screaming harpy voice wasn’t dubbed over the gray-haired woman as she moved her lips.

It took me a full second to realize that no, it had not been dubbed, this was not some well put together scam, the devil was screaming through this elderly woman, and the things coming out of her face were vile enough to make a sailor blush. Her demeanor and the violence of her renunciations went beyond passion. They went beyond someone peacefully, coherently, reasonably trying to get their point across. 

The devil in this woman raged, and as sure as the sun sets in the west if this woman would have been given half the chance, she would have chocked the life out of the pro-life protester without batting an eye.

Evil is real. Evil exists. Evil is evident in our day and age, but it surprises you when it is made manifest through an octogenarian who would not be out of place bouncing grandchildren on her knee and baking chocolate chip cookies.

It is the closest to rabid I have seen a human being, and I’ve visited mental institutions and insane asylums. Only darkness can make someone manifest in such a manner. Only the devil can project such naked hate toward someone whose singular desire is to save a human life.

The battle before us is not one that is simply a difference in political ideology. If you believe this, then you are deceived. This is a battle between light and darkness, between a cult of death, and the defenders of life. It is not a battle we can afford to lose, nor is it a battle we can fight halfheartedly.

A cornered animal only gets more aggressive as it approaches its demise. For the first time in a generation, the godless are seeing their agenda collapsing, their certain victories becoming less certain, their momentum slipping through their fingers. They rage so because they know they are losing ground, and the more ground they lose, the more they will rage.

It’s not as though they won’t put up a good fight; they will. Their father, the devil, will speak through them, threatening, mocking, insulting, demeaning, but it is from a position of impotence and weakness, not one of confidence and strength.

They are backed into a corner, and they know it. Even if they never admit it, somewhere in their darkened hearts, they know they are advocating for the termination of a defenseless human being, the purest form of evil. They have made their bargain, they have sold their souls, they have capitulated human decency because only such a one can call a baby nothing more than a parasite. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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