Friday, February 1, 2013

Silver Linings!

No matter where you look, no matter what your preferred news source, it is undeniable that things are looking bleak and only getting bleaker. Whether your interests run locally, nationally, or internationally the news isn’t good. There seems to be reason for concern at every level, and that’s just from the things that are making their way to the general public. Imagine if you knew all the stuff they’re successfully keeping hidden…but I digress.

What myself, and a handful of other brave souls have been warning of the past few years – while being mocked, derided, and ridiculed – is coming to pass. Reality is beginning to shatter the illusion we’ve fashioned for ourselves, and people are being awoken from their slumber due to all the racket.

As some have a tendency of doing when startled awake, certain individuals are reacting unexpectedly. Rather than find balance, many who are stirred to wakefulness in this late hour gravitate toward extremes, either becoming their very own neighborhood Rambo, replete with underground tunnels and sniper nests, or moving to a small, as yet uncharted island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Although I’ve said the following more times than I can count, they only refuge, the only place of safety, the only hope we have as individuals of weathering the coming storm, is Christ Jesus, and Him alone.

It’s easy for me to get apocalyptic, and start writing about what I see on the horizon, but there are allot of folks doing that, and most of them are either on the mark, or close enough to it that further discussion is unwarranted.

As such, today I thought I’d do something a bit different, and give you the top ten positive aspects of the coming collapse…see, I can be positive too. Take that, Joel Osteen!

The following list is in no particular order, and some of you might not find much positivity in some of the points, but nevertheless, here it is:

1. We will know the true shepherds from the hirelings.

2. We will know the wheat from the chaff.

3. We will learn dependence upon God.

4. We will see the power of God manifest in our lives in more profound and impacting ways.

5. We will either begin to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or give in to the desperation the world will be experiencing.

6. We will finally understand sufficiency in Christ.

7. We will appreciate the simple things of life once more.

8. We will walk in the authority rightly ours, and mature in the ways of God. (Nothing like necessity to light a fire in us.)

9. We will witness God keeping His promises to His children.

10. We will know that our redemption draws nigh.

What we must never lose sight of, is that it’s not all doom and gloom. It’s not about some hopeless, joyless future we must endure and muddle through; it’s about seeing the power of our God in the midst of it all, and walking in the knowledge of His presence in us and with us in perpetuity.

It’s not about the destruction, it’s not about the chaos, and it’s not about the fear or the uncertainty. It’s about seeing the fulfillment of God’s promises, seeing His provision and protection, and witnessing just how great a God we serve. It’s about walking through the fire and not being burned!

This is the hope. This is the peace. This is the joy.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.


cj said...

I have one thing to say, AMEN!

meema said...

...what cj said - I second!

For Christ,

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I just think it would be hysterically funny if Joel Osteen turned out to be the antichrist.

Rleigh said...

Well put - straight from the heart of our Father, the one true God, who has chosen us for these times!

Anonymous said...

We have been reading your messages for a couple of years now and think you are right on. We encourage you to keep being a true watchman from God for these troubled time. We share your blogs at our church and we are very grateful for your teaching.

j said...

Keep telling the truth Mike.
Thank you.