Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All Too Human!

Warning: If you are excessively sensitive, insist on political correctness, or even have a fondness for it, I suggest you stop reading right now. Odds are, the following will offend you.
Let me begin by saying, that I believe all of God's children are equal in His eyes. However, some within Christendom, have fostered the misconception that those whom God chooses for special tasks, or endows with special gifts, are supposed to be different, or better than the rest. They have fostered this misconception to fuel their own egos and pride, reveling in the idea of being praised, raised up on a pedestal and otherwise treated as something special.
I was in Romania last year, and a man from the States was visiting, a man who had read the website, and some of the visions and dreams God has given our ministry over the years. As it so happened, as he arrived I was returning from a volleyball game, wearing a pair of sweat pants that had not aged so gracefully, as well as a now damp sweat shirt. He looked me up and down, and I guess I didn't make a great first impression, because he said, 'you're not what I expected.'
To be honest, I wondered to myself exactly what he had expected, perhaps someone with a halo around his head, wearing a white robe, followed everywhere he went by a children's choir singing old church hymns. The truth of the matter, is that I am all too human, just like any other man of God that has ever lived. I have my hopes, I have my fears, I have my dreams, I have my sorrows, but through it all, the will of God takes preeminence.
The reason I shared this with you, is that today I have given myself license to just rant. I promise it will be a one time event, and tomorrow we will return to more spiritual matters, but today is a different story. Yes, you read right, I am going to rant. I see this world, I see what it has become, I see where it is headed, and perhaps a better title for this article would have been, 'stuff I need to get off my chest', or 'some body's got to say it', but here we go nonetheless.
Here we are, the year of our Lord 2007, and I think it's about time we take an inventory of how far we've come as a civilization, what some may call the most advanced civilization in the history of mankind, the pinnacle of science and technology, the end result of thousands of years of accumulated knowledge. I don't know about you, but I wholeheartedly believe that if the scholars and philosophers of generations past could see us now, they would weep with sorrow and gnash their teeth, while the founding fathers would shake their heads in shame at what this nation has become.
Somehow we have managed to take the parasites and dregs of society, the most worthless and vile among us, and deemed it fit to make idols of them. We perceive the lowest common denominators of this society as those we should be emulating, bankrupting our morals in the process.
Children are killing children, horrible crimes are being committed every day, and we still attempt to do something that is indicative only of the human race, something that is wholly counter intuitive, even self destructive, we continue on the same course, we pursue the same avenues, and we reject those things we know with certainty will bring back a modicum of order in the midst of all this chaos.
Even though we have seen that the further society removes itself, and rejects Biblical principles, the worse it becomes, and the more they embrace the darkness, the more vile their deeds, we have become like the man who having realized he is growing tired while swimming, continues to paddle toward the center of the lake, rather than return to shore. Because as a nation we have so hardened our hearts toward God, we would rather witness our own demise, aid and take part in our own destruction, than humble ourselves and return to the foot of the cross.
What of the church you ask? What of that which by all rights should be a shining light in the midst of the darkness? To be perfectly honest, the church has lost its backbone, it has lost its spine, it has lost its boldness, and its silence makes it complicit in what is happening in today's society. The church's rejection of truth, and its constant need to be accepted by the world has rendered it irrelevant as a source of change, while its indifference makes it culpable.
As being all too human, I am angry, disappointed, and disheartened, but above all else I am tired. We have squandered the greatest of gifts for the most useless of morsels.
I often find myself reading of the great men that grace the pages of the Word, and weeping, wondering where they are in our age. I read of their valor, their courage, their willingness to live, and die for that which they believed, and question whether such men still exist today. I see the darkness growing, and the light flickering, and pray for the strength to go on just one more day, to preach just one more sermon, to write just one more article, to reach just one more soul.
But hey, don't mind me, I'm just ranting. It can't be that bad, why just the other day the guy on television promised you bountiful blessings, and endless prosperity, if only you would help him purchase that new jet he's had his eye on for the past few months.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

Rants are okay, we all do them once in a while!
I know it's discouraging to look around and see the organized church slipping ever deeper in to apathy. To see the corrupt and godless held up in high esteem and to watch the leaders of what was once a very great country lead us deeper into decay. It makes no sense, but God has called you to do what you must... so what else can you say but, "Okay Lord, I'm on it."
You don't need to publish my comments, (it seems to me you are uneasy with the praise many have given you), but you truly are saving souls. Lots of them. There are people reading your blogs (thanks for posting them!) for the first time and they are starting to get it. And then there are those of us who have known Christ Jesus for years, and we get encouragement and the joy of knowing we are not alone. There are believer out here. I am one of them, and I know there are others.
We come to this web site to remember that we are not alone in our thinking, to take strength from numbers and to drink in the truth that only God's Word can bring.
Rant when you must, but know that there are many people praying for you, your family, and your ministry. We love you deeply, and thank God for sending you and your grandfather before you.
God led me to sometime ago, and my life has been the richer because of it.
I praise God for this ministry.
Mrs. Pugh

James Kinsman said...

Thank you. I am so sick of people putting other people on pedestools.

I was recently reading Amos 7:14
"Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I [was] no prophet, neither [was] I a prophet's son; but I [was] an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit", and then in verse 16, Amos starts prophesying.

It hit me because we are called to do are job, but at the same time, to not accept praise from men no matter what our calling is.

Anonymous said...

This it Tylee...

OH, man of God, it is perfectly normal to get tired sometimes. I love u nontheless and look up to you.

The church will see the day of the lord as recorded in Joel..but she's not ready. My wife and I we're watching one of your CD'S last night, and we came to a conclusion...we're tired of teh dead church we attend. We're tired of being criticized or called too deep, because we don't agree with GOSPEL RAP or worshiping your spouse over God, or spending more time with your kids than in the presence.... i love my wife and kids.. BUT NOT MORE THAN I'M OBSSESED WITH THE PRESENCE OF GOD...God told me this morning in prayer. Son, your appetite for me and that which concerns me MUST supercede your appetite for anything or anyone....OH, beloved bro. that's so true.

My Elijah and I talk all the time and we've come to a conclusion...if we have to go by our selves, then we'll go all the way with Jesus....

I will pick up my cross, this time, and follow him all the way.. i will speak what God says, wether i get friends or not; i'll do what he says, go whare he says, because when it's all done and over, i want HIM to be proud...

I love you man of God...and be encouraged, and know that, nothing is more rewareding than being in the presence of the Lord our God..

Love Tylee...

A Seed Sower said...

God love you brother Michael, thank you for sharing your frustrations with us, personally you help me to feel not so insane. We the body, all feel the same way.
Young brother there is a body out there, scattered though it may be. There is a remnant that desires to be used of God, that deisres to be a light in the darkness.
There are those who do try to take a stand against the mass murder in our society, abortion, and the wickedness in our government, how be it they are a valiant few.
The main stream church is having a love afair with mamon, and is pearcing itself through with many arrows.
Our children have taken up arms against one another because we have taught them not to value life, and it is God's judgment against a silent church, a church that is more afraid to loose its tax exempt status, than to stand against evil.
I love you in the Lord, keep the faith young brother. Stay encouraged brother there will be a day when this is all over, Praise His Holy name, until then we must encourage one another in the Lord and His Word, "All who live Godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution." Satan loves to buffet our minds, and make us think there is no hope. But we have a blessed hope....Praise His Holy Name..Jesus
Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Sin really does render men, and nations, insane....

Anonymous said...

Yes, it can be that bad - it is that bad. Your ranting is not just your own ranting. You are not alone. I hope it's okay to join in, seeing that you did warn the sensitive and that you said you may not "rant" like this again, but if you don't publish this, that's okay, maybe I just need to vent to the wind.

I see such horrible things not only in the world but seeking to take over the church - even the precious Body of Messiah which is trying to live godly and walk in the Spirit - I wonder how much longer I can stand in the gap. I wonder, if the Lord said not to pray for this people anymore, whether I would have the heart like Moses to continue to say, if You will not forgive them, then blot me out. I believe it is never too late to intercede until the thing God threatens happens (I don't mean the things in the Book of Revelation, though, as mentioned in a previous comment!), but I just don't know if I have that kind of heart or faith anymore for America and that worries me.

God told the children of Israel to kill every man, woman, child, even infant, and animals in the land because they had become so defiled and had so corrupted themselves and the land that beyond some individuals turning to Him, there was no societal rehabilitation. There was no good influence that Israel could have on them. Just like at the time of the flood, the nations Israel was to drive out of the land had reached the point that every thought of their hearts was only evil continually, and God's heart was grieved. This is how I feel when I look around America - not that everyone is evil, but for one thing (and there are many other things) the American mind is so bombarded and saturated with skin and nakedness and perversion of all kinds that what used to be unmentionable in public, we don't even know how to blush anymore. Those who do are accused of needing counseling to get free from bondage and shame! By so-called Christians! This evil is reaching out and touching the Body of Messiah - God's precious children - to defile not just their minds but their bodies - the way the men of Sodom went after the angels of the Lord! That Christians could think someone like Lot (or you) was joking or crazy about judgment amidst the horror of what the Lord sees every single day happening to our children - children in the church - before His face, in His holy presence... Isn't that the flash point of judgment?

Noah's and Lot's children were so corrupted from their societies that even after witnessing God's judgment on sin and His mercy on them, they were STILL not purged of that evil! So when the Lord says how even if Moses and Samuel stood before Him, or even if Noah, Daniel and Job stood before Him, they could only save themselves, I get it. I understand sometimes not being able to contain your distress over it.

As you infer in your "rant" regarding the grievous, shameful idols of this nation, well, not to mention names, but that sad, pathetic, despicable woman celebrity with no shame and no self-respect who prostituted herself before the world for fame and money, whose son died and then she died this past year from a drug overdose, leaving an infant daughter up for grabs by perverts - and at the mercy of a corrupt and evil court system - that woman was a prophetic picture of America.

Anonymous said...

I've just come over from The Age to Come blog site at Pete's suggestion.
I know not who you are, Fr. Micahel, but I share your grief and weariness with the church. We are many, I beleive, in the pews hoping and praying for bold and decisive leadership and clear direction.
We count on folk like you and Pete to articulate for us what we cannot cleverly say ourselves.
So rant on anytime. It makes me feel less alone and for this fleeting moment, accepted and understood.

Anonymous said...

When you said this, it reminded me of a strong mental image I had once when I was in prayer:

"I wholeheartedly believe that if the scholars and philosophers of generations past could see us now, they would weep with sorrow and gnash their teeth, while the founding fathers would shake their heads in shame at what this nation has become."

I saw our forefathers (men like Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington) standing on the edge of a sidewalk out in front of a church flanked by two strong angels.

There was a gay pride parade coming down the street and the leader of the parade was a pastor of a mainline denomination, with several other "Christians" and their partners following.

The church doors were closed that day, but the sign out front said; "Learn how to unlock the key to your blessings" or something like that.

The look on the faces of the forefathers was complete astonishment. One was looking at the church and wondering how they let this happen. The other was looking at the angel asking why this was happening. The angel wasn’t answering, just standing there. And another looked at the parade in complete shock.

I wept so hard that I had trouble breathing from all the congestion that I was having from the crying. I kept seeing this in my mind over and over again. I cried so hard because of the look on their faces. As if to say; “we let you down”.

Stay strong brother…it won’t be long before we all go home. May God give us greater wisdom and knowledge in this hour.

God Bless,

randy said...

Babylon was designated by God to be the head of gold in Daniel's vision. The Western nations today are no match. We have surrounded, no buried ourselves in JUNK; alcohol, lust, greed, drugs and materialism. Junk made in China...God will and has once again moved upon sheep herders, people of little signifigance, to intercede for their individual families and friends before judgement falls like a hammer. In my opinion, if a minister is on TV, he is suspect of having fallen into the trap. It is a honey trap set by Satan and many feel they cannot be effective unless televized. This is nonsense and will eventually be exposed. I would rather be a door keeper in the house of my God than be president of the United States!