Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Although I have not as yet figured out how to respond to the comments individually, (working on it, sort of like a monkey trying to understand DNA strains) I am encouraged by all the feedback I have been receiving from many of you. It is uplifting for my soul to ascertain that there are still those amidst all the chaos, and the ear tickling messages, that are still hungry for the truth of God's word.
The truth has never had an easy path in this world, and the resistance has become all the more profound in the last few decades, still truth marches on, undaunted, always there for those who truly seek it.
Insignificant as I may be in the great scheme of things, I am humbled that you take the time to read my words, and pray that they nourish your spirit, they challenge and compel you, as they are intended to do.
I am not one who actively seeks to be controversial, but truth most often causes controversy and opposition, especially from those who have grown content with, and even welcome deception. All who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus, have no choice but to press on, toward the goal, the prize, the promise, and once having achieved said prize, look back on the hardships and difficulties and count them all as nothing when compared to the fellowship they have in God. Again, thank you for your feedback, your comments, your opinions, and even your contentious disagreements. Anything is better than indifference.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Anonymous said...

My name is Tylee JOhnson. and i just got finish reading your "balance" message....it was powerful.. i am married, and i have lost my son and my niece this year alone....

Prophet of God, I love u with all of my heart...and my wife and i will be sitting down tonight, and watch one of your vidioes...

I just wanted to say that, and pray for me as i over come what i need to, to fufill my minisry as a prophet as well..i'm 28 years old, and man, what i war fare...i love uand your grand father..have blessed me tremendously...

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your faithfulness to all that God has called you to do and say. Most of the time, I feel alone in my convictions; especially among the church body. I've tried on several occasions to speak with pastors, friends, family, and other Christians, about the things that you, your grandfather and others have been saying with no avail. I think some of them want me committed to a mental institution or seek psycological counciling.

There seems to be no discernment in the churches anymore. Just the other day at church someone suggested we work with another ministry that wants to do Christian Yoga.


God help us,

A Seed Sower said...

Brother Michael, and fellow laborers in Christ Jesus, I am so thankful for this blog, you will never know how much.
At times I have thought myself to be quite mad. At other times completely faithless. NotI might add because of the insane world in which we live, but because of those things that call them selves churches and those that call themselves pastors, prophets,teachers and christians. If you had told me in 1980 when I first got saved in a Penticostal church that some 10 years later that among other things which I wont go into at present, that a Pastor whould (during a discussion on the book of Revelation and the last days)tell me "Who do you think you are? Why none of this in Revelation even has to happen, there doesnt even have to be an antichrist, we can pray, God has changed His mind before, he can do it again."...
Blow me down with a feather, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, needless to say things went from bad to worse, much worse.
This I am sad to say is the mind set of many a christian today...with the precious exception of those who communicate through this wonderful blog..God bless you Bro Michael and all..Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you put great thoughts to paper - well, pixels anyway ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I read your blog because you help me see how I can do and be better for God and because your comments always seem to give me strength to try harder. Also, it is so good to read something that I feel I can trust to be biblical.
Thank you for your efforts.

ryanfromDetroit said...

I, too, wanted to take a second to thank God for this opportunity for communication that has been presented.

My brothers and sisters in the Lord come together several times a week, seeking God with all that we are, waiting on His Spirit to speak and lead us into all truth. When people ask me about my church the questions always seem to be somewhat repetitive, "What denomination are you? How many members? Who is your pastor?" I thank God that without hesitation I can always answer these questions honestly, with an assuredness that it is God that has built our house and that it is not built in vain. And that, as the scriptures say, Jesus is our shepherd.

I have looked forward to a day where we would be able to communicate with those who are like minded in Christ. Not Christianity as the world teaches, but true faith and conviction that we can believe God's words that those he loves, he chastens. And though the churches of this day are quickly, and sadly, running after treasures here on earth, we know where our heart is.

I pray that one day, God willing, we could take a trip from Michigan to meet and pray with you, Michael, and your fellow brothers and sister. God knows how we long to join with those who God has called His sons and daughters, those who truly are led by His Spirit.

God be with us,

Ryan French

Anonymous said...


Praise God to all.

I love to see men of God who are consecrated and in hot pursuit of the unveiling of God. I believe as we get closer to the coming of our risen king, the demonic will intensify.

My prayer is for all of us to continue to be strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might.

I love u bro. Bodea, because your not afriad to speak what "Thus saith the Lord God"! It's very discouraging at times to even go the church, i love fellowshiping, but when your in need of a touch, a miracle and you go to churches and alls you hear about is money, and wealth, and religious twits on God truths. it can spiritually dibilitate you...

Thank you for being an example man of God.

I love you with the love of our king. amen!

Anonymous said...

I dont know if you recieved my email, I sent it recently. but Just to be sure I want to post it here

Gtreetings Bro Michael,

I Came upon your website not to long ago, maybe a few months. I baught "Life in Christ" By Dumitru Duduman.

I found some things that concern me deeply. And I would like to know what are your thoughts on the matter.

On page 32 it says:

"Without the baptism of The Holy Spirit, our fate is in the balances. It is the Holy Spirit that seals us for the day of Redemption. It is being filled with the Holy Spirit and having Him reside in the temple of your heart that seals you for resurrection"

Also throughout that chapter I get the sense that without recieving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I will not enter the kingdom of God.

Also this is not the first time I read about this, another Holy Spirit filled Christian operating in the gifts said that without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit one cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Maybe you heard of him, Wallen Yep.

This concerns me deeply because if this is true that means I cannot enter the Kingdom of God. I often ask God to Baptise me with the Holy Spirit. I have wept, begging God to Baptise me with the Holy Spirit. To seek God, be close and have fellowship with God. But as of now I am still not baptised with the Holy Spirit. I dont know why, I've asked God why. I dont understand it. What are your thoughts about this? I have also got others to lay hands on me as well.

Also, from another Holy Spirit filled Christian operating in the gifts Charles Carrin (have you heard of him?). Says Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for ministry and that we recieve the Holy Spirit when we come to Christ and believe upon him.

Did God reveal two different things to them?

I am sorry to waste your time but, I need to know the truth. I dont have the dicerment gift or any spiritual gifts to help me discern the word of God rightly

Thank you,

Michael Boldea Jr. said...

To the brother who wrote this comment, please e-mail me at MBoldea26@aol.com.
I will then answer you personally.
I am working on a study concerning the Holy Spirit, but it will not be done for some time, and it is quite lengthy. For now, if you would e-mail me I will answer your concerns to the best of my ability. God bless. Mike Boldea Jr.

Anonymous said...

I've emailed you, I know your busy. Thank you for your time. Let me know if you didnt get it. Just in case my email is Kprz1337@aol.com or you can email me at kprz1337@yahoo.com