Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Wisdom of Others Volume 2

As promised, whenever I find compelling writing, whether from modern writers, which unfortunately is rare to nonexistent, or writers of past generations I will post what I consider to be some of their more timely and soul searching quotes in the hope that wisdom will awaken in you, and your thirst for God will continue to grow.
Today's featured writer is a man by the name of Arthur W. Pink, who was born in Great Britain, and became an itinerant Bible teacher after pastoring churches in Colorado, California and Kentucky. Arthur pink was born in 1886, and went to be with the Lord in 1952

"In addition to the fact that today hundreds of churches are without a leader who faithfully declares the whole counsel of God and presents His way of salvation, we also have to face the additional fact that the majority of people in these churches are very unlikely to learn the Truth themselves. The family altar, where a portion of God's word was wont to be read daily is now, even in the homes of nominal Christians, largely a thing of the past.
The Bible is not expounded in the pulpit and it is not read in the pew. The demands of this rushing age are so numerous, that multitudes have little time and still less inclination to make preparation for meeting with God. Hence the majority who are to indolent to search for themselves, are left at the mercy of those whom they pay to search for them; many of whom betray their trust by studying and expounding economic and social problems rather than the Oracles of God." Arthur Pink

"The cultivation of the old man is considered more practical than the creation of a new man in Christ Jesus; while universal peace is looked for apart from the interposition and return of the Prince of Peace." Arthur Pink

"The apostles of Satan are not saloon keepers and white-slave traffickers, but are for the most part ordained ministers. Thousands of those who occupy our modern pulpits are no longer engaged in presenting the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, but have turned aside from the Truth and have given heed to fables. Instead of magnifying the enormity of sin and setting forth its eternal consequences, they minimize it by declaring that sin is merely ignorance or the absence of good.
Instead of warning their hearers to flee 'from the wrath to come' they make God a liar by declaring that He is too loving and merciful to send any of His own creatures to eternal torment." Arthur Pink

"However pure our motives, however noble our intentions, however well meaning our purposes, however sincere our endeavors, God will not acknowledge us as His sons, until we accept His Son." Arthur Pink

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


A Seed Sower said...

This country like the frog in the pot on a slow, low heat, doesn't know how close it is to being cooked. We have been on a slow downward spiral for so long that even the church doesnt recognise its demise. Thank you once again for sharing the nuggets of wisdom Bro Michael.
Helen B

James Kinsman said...

"Instead of magnifying the enormity of sin and setting forth its eternal consequences, they minimize it by declaring that sin is merely ignorance or the absence of good."

I've heard with my own ears radio hosts tell a man in fornication that he "is not trusting in the Lord"

When will the ministers of God magnify the poison of sin?