Monday, October 15, 2007

Duty (A Reply To Brother Andrew's Comments)

After reading brother Andrew's post, and your comments to said post, I realized what I guess I've known all along, that many of you share his concerns, uncertain of what exactly you should do knowing what is about to descend upon this nation. To be perfectly honest, I have shared the same concerns myself.
Although I cannot make a general pronouncement concerning the question 'should we stay or should we flee?', after spending some time in prayer I feel I can at least give an answer to brother Andrew's inquiries.
First, let me begin by saying I do not consider myself a courageous man, I consider myself committed. I do not consider myself valiant or bold, I consider myself steadfast and resolute. To me it all boils down to duty, and it is due to the fact that I am duty bound that I do what I do. It is why I fight, it is why I speak, it is why I stand. The strength or number of my adversaries does not concern me, my only concern is that I am faithful in fulfilling what has been asked of me, that I fight in defense of truth and righteousness.
From reading brother Andrew's heartfelt post, I perceived that as many of you, he has been called to active duty. God has already established a specific assignment for him, and these are no times to be absent without leave.
I have heard of many who were called to be watchmen, who were called to blow the trumpet, who then took it upon themselves to leave their post without authorization. It is not something that God looks upon kindly, or takes lightly. Now, when the saints should be marching, doing battle against the darkness that threatens to stifle the light, it seems they are in full retreat verging on surrender.
Brother Andrew also mentioned a passage in proverbs that speaks of the prudent man seeing evil and hiding himself, but we must take into account that it was neither speaking of a soldier, or a servant, it was speaking in the generality of wise men and foolish men. A soldier no longer has the option to flee the evil when he sees it, he must stand and do battle against it. It is why we have been called, chosen, equipped and sanctified.
As far as Zarephath is concerned, I believe the message that God was relaying had to do more with total dependence, reliance and obedience, rather than a physical place somewhere in Lebanon. Remember that after his experiences in Zarephath, with the widow woman, the Bible tells us that Elijah went a day's journey into the wilderness, and even there, with no widow woman around to bake him a pancake, with no supermarket or convenience store, God still provided for him.
In this hour God is attempting to teach His chosen reliance on Him, rather than self-reliance, dependence on Him, rather than dependence on the things we own or the things we can buy. Above all else, He is attempting to bring us to that place of total obedience, wherein we will do as He commands, whether we are called to go into the wilderness, or stand and fight for the truth.
When we choose to obey, we know that God will take care of the rest, when we choose to depend on Him, we see His hand performing miracles.
I believe with all my heart that as the day approaches, some will be told to go to a new place, while others will be told to remain where they are. Wherever we are sent, wherever God would have us, it is in His perfect will that we will find safety, security, and shelter from the storms that will soon descend.
I know I may offend some of you, who take the scripture in Revelation 18 literally, wherein God's people are told to come out of Babylon, that they not share in her plagues, but I believe that the verse has to do more with our spiritual exodus from Babylon, its way of thinking, its practices and aspirations rather than a physical exodus. If we were to believe that only by fleeing an entire continent would God be able to protect us, we would liken God to a blind man who trying to swat a fly, overturns and breaks anything not nailed down. Remember Goshen in the midst of Egypt, and take heart, remember the blood on the door posts and be encouraged. The plagues did not come near their dwellings, and the angel of death, merely passed by.
As I said before, yes, I have my concerns, yes, I sometimes wonder, but in the end I've learned to trust my God, my Father, my Savior, the One who has never let me down, the one who has never abandoned or forsaken me.
As for you my brother Andrew, my fellow soldier in God's army, you are duty bound to obey, and my prayer today is that you cast your cares, your fears, and your worries, upon the Lord. He is faithful from age to age.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


A Seed Sower said...

Bro Michael, I love you (nothing inproper intended)I thank God for you. I had just got done praising my Heavenly father for having such mercy on my wretched soul, and blessing me with heavenly blessings that i in no way deserve, and praying that you would reply to Bro Andrew (I knew that you would) and then I sat down with tears in my eyes and read this wonderful word. This is cyber church Bro Michael and I pray that more souls will be drawn here for strength and encouragement and that we be fully equipped for that which is about to take place. Iron sharpens iron, may that be what takes place through this blog...

Anonymous said...

Brother Micheal,

Thank you for entertaining my question. It appears that the Lord has already brought us to similar conclusions, namely, to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and trust Him alone. Sometimes it helps to just verbalize our concerns and fears and then the Lord brings everything into perspective so that we can see the situation in His light rather than the tainted light of this world. You may want to read the post that I just sent on the previous thread.

God is faithful and He will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in Him (Isaiah 26:3). Thanks again Michael and for helping to shepherd His flock. There are very few true shepherds remaining and this blog that you started has been a real comfort for the sheep still hungering and thirsting after righteousness.

To arms soldiers! Let us fight the good fight and no longer get involved in civilian affairs or its concerns!

Bless you brother!

Brother Andrew

James Kinsman said...

Hey Mike thanks for addressing Rev 18:4 about how you believe that "coming out of her" is spiritually exiting the plague of sin. Other verses such as Jer 51:6 can be answered the same way I see.

I also am a little confused as to what happens when. It is evident that the judgment of God is coming and there is nothing America can do to escape it except repent, but even you prophesied that they won't turn around.

You also mentioned that Psalm 91 will come into play during such judgment (because judgment comes on the wicked, not the righteous).

I'm guessing that whoever is still alive is going to persecute us because we were supernaturally protected and that you would esteem to Matt 24:10 "And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another."

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael, your words help. Sometimes, when I think I know what my direction is and then it appears it should be changed, I start second guessing and wondering if I wasn't doing the right thing in the first place.
Your post puts my dilemma into perspective for me:
Just follow God to the best of my abilities, and know that He will lead me.
You never know, maybe I'm supposed to stay put, but my readied car will help someone who is supposed to go?
It's all in His hands.
God bless you,
Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

AMen man of God..I"ve had my concerns deepest fear now, is loosing my wife. I say that because in March of this year, we lost our 2 month old son.

and it puts a lil fear in me, and i want to make shure she's safe. I have an assigment as wee all do, and i know i'll be persucuted for my assignment...but i'm willing to go all the way...there just isn't another way but Gods...

So, keep me in your prayer as well


Elm Street Chapel said...

Brother Michael,
I remember a Prophecy communication persona (SJ) commenting on going from city to city with your Grandfather Dumitru. Often as they would pass over a river Dumitru would inquire as to the name of the river because God showed him that many people would have a place of safety by rivers. There are many ways that God will deliver his people. Our examples are Job, Noah and Daniel. The refference to places (Biblically) are barn, pavilion, secret chambers, away from the sound of battle or even as Dumitru said, (23rd Psalm) beside still waters. Michael, I believe your intentions are to be in Romania.

My point is this; God does and will show us things to come. Everyone must, I repeat must, have ears to hear. It would be contrary to Godly principles not to see trouble coming and prepare. It all boils down to when if we know the what, where and why. Which from my personal experience, won't be hidden either. Knowing removes all doubt and fear. It may not be an exact date but a sign of the time. The eagle and snake vision of yours comes to mind or your mother vision/dream of the comets falling.

It requires disipline on our part as not to get ahead of God and remove ourselves from His, "keeping us from the evil to come".


Anonymous said...

Brother Michael,
It appears you have carefully considered your response with regard to Rev 18 and "coming out of her". Although this verse could have a spiritual application, (which you allude too) it may just as well have a physical literal application (no offense taken). I tend to lean more to the latter, not because I think I will be better off by escaping, (for the scripture teaches that the persecution of the true saints will abound everywhere) but only that I am in complete obedience to God's word, which I know you agree with. Probably only time well tell which interpretation is more exact, (since it is very subjective to interpret the exact chronology of this scripture) but for sure all of those called by His Name need to insure that we draw as close to Him as humanly possibly that we may hear what the Spirit speaks to us individually.


Anonymous said...


I want to encourage you with what Jehovah was teaching me today (before I even read any of this :))

Simply removing ourselves out of Babylon will not, I repeat, will not be enough. For Babylon is very deeply entrenched In us! We must beg Father God to expose the Babylon IN us, and repent as HE faithfully sends his HOLY SPIRIT to convict us. We MUST learn serious lessons from our brothers and sisters in Romania and elsewhere that our family is being persecuted for Christ's sake.

We must not put an ounce of dependence on the arm of the flesh, for our flesh will ALWAYS attempt to SAVE ITSELF.

WE have DIED and the life we now live, we live IN CHRIST for Christ and NOT for ourselves.

We MUST be like the believers in Russia in the at the turn of the previous century. Jehovah God called them out BEFORE communism would come, and they did NOT to do a thing without praying long and hard until the answer came. Jehovah God gave each family specific intructions of where to go, what to take, which path to travel on and so on.

We must repent of Babylon in us. For Babylon(confusion) has made its home in us and we must reject it and cry out to God in repentence. Then HE will show us what to do, where to go and what to say.

Go back to our brother Dimitru's inspriration of what kind of people we ought to be in these days, and memorize your sword of the spirit.

Christ will be our bread, our life, our water, our protection, our refuge, our shield. The word of God will be ALL, I repeat, ALL we need because it will be all we have.

These are the long awaited days of the fullfillment of Yahweh's eternal plan and we are the choses vessels to walk in humble obedience, self-abasement and glory to Jesus alone!


To His eternal glory, honor and praise,


Anonymous said...

Brother Michael, I believe that you are correct in that we are to spiritually come out of Babylon. (What are we doing, flirting around with her to begin with?!?)

On the other hand, where one perceives Babylon as the economic system of today, I am reminded of a few brothers who were led to liquidate their stock holdings prior to the 1929 "crash," and to keep their holdings in cash. This allowed them to do many things during the so-called Great Depression (including building the Empire State Building in NYC). If any of our brothers/sisters feel so led of the Lord, neither tarry nor take halfway measures. So what if you leave some potential profits "on the table." Seek our Lord for how you should be using that with which He has entrusted you. (If you think it is yours... Well, you'd best pray again.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with everything here, and it may just have helped me make my mind up about something.

Anonymous said...

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