Monday, October 22, 2007

Prophetic Pressure

I receive allot of encouraging e-mails and comments from many of you, as well as some from truly hurting people looking for some guidance, a little light, and perhaps some encouragement themselves. The response is not all positive, in fact I received an e-mail from a man who I will assume, at least from now is a brother in the Lord, that was, and I assume still is very angry with me.
Although his e-mail was a few pages long, and if it was a comment I doubt I would have posted it since he added nothing to the whole of the conversation, the highlights of his writings went something like this:
'You're the chairman of a prophetic ministry, so prophesy already! I trust the words God shows you, but every body's coming out with new messages, and you're being silent. Why aren't you at least pointing out the things you were right on about? If it were anybody else, they'd be up on a soapbox beating their chests, screaming look at me, look at me!'
Sometimes, the most difficult thing for a mouthpiece to do, is to be silent. If God has not spoken, or if He has given a message to be released at a later date, the mouthpiece is beholden to God, to be obedient.
Be silent when God is silent, speak when He says 'speak'. It should be simple. In theory it is. However, I have known many men who having grown impatient with God, and with waiting on God, took it upon themselves to speak on his behalf when He did not speak.
Putting words in God's mouth is a dangerous endeavor, as is speaking before you have been released to do so.
As far as getting on a soapbox is concerned, I don't like splinters, and I suffer from vertigo. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't take much inquiry to see the state of the world, just read the headlines of your local paper, or browse some of the news sites on the web. The culmination of what God has been speaking for the past twenty years is at hand, and we are seeing the pieces come together in faster and more pronounced ways than ever before.
As far as boasting about being right, they weren't my words to begin with, so how can I take credit for them?
I have known good men who have succumbed to prophetic pressure, and felt as though the owed the people a word, even though God remained silent.
Whether you are one step ahead of God, or one step behind Him, you're still not in His perfect will, and this is something I learned a long time ago.
This is the reason why so many men who profess to have a prophetic mantle, continue missing the mark with their words, because the words they spoke were their own.
I love the brethren, I appreciate those who feel led to help the ministry God has entrusted to me, but this does not mean that I would endanger my eternal soul, or feel such indebtedness, that I would go ahead of God, and speak words which He specifically instructed that I keep for an appointed time.
I am sorry some of you feel frustrated, but I do not apologize for the fact that I don't put out a vision or a dream every other week. I only speak when I know with certainty that God has not only spoken, but has released me to pass on the message.
To the wise, even silence speaks volumes, and one does not require weekly updates from the throne room to know that God is using our enemies, our greed, and even nature itself to bring our pride to its knees.
To my brother Albert, who wrote the angry and lengthy e-mail, perhaps your time would be better spent in solitude with God, praying, fasting, learning to hear His voice for yourself, than fishing for fresh words with ever increasing desperation. That which is necessary for your salvation, sanctification, and relationship with Jesus Christ, is already in the Word, and at the end of the day, that is the most important task of all, to make sure that we have an established relationship with our heavenly Father.
Yes God is still speaking, but for now He demands silence, and I, as an obedient servant must acquiesce.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Post Script: The trip to Baltimore was a blessing, at least for me. I got to meet a truly sincere soul, who is hungry for more of God, and if I mention his name he'll probably blush, so I'd better not. Thank you all for your prayers, and thank you to those who made the long drives to come and hear what God put on my heart, I hope your disappointment wasn't too great.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I so appreciate the fact that I can trust that the word that you share with us is straight from God and in His time and not because you are out to impress the world. Reading what He has told you to share with us sends me to His Word for myself to make sure that I am ready for the days ahead since you will not be there to tell me what He says 100% of the time. I keep up on your website/blog as much for your teachings and the openness in sharing your heart with us as well as to see what God is showing you prophetically. Thanks for being true to His Word in all areas and showing what a truly humble prophet and servant of God should look like.

Anonymous said...

Michael, it's so nice to have you back.
I had to laugh (not in a funny way) when I read your post, because to a certain degree I do understand the frustration of the aforementioned Albert.
So to Brother Albert I would say:
Like many others, I too, have been a daily visitor at Hand of Help. Looking for another prophecy, update, letter, etc. etc. We know we can trust Michael's words to be true, so it is natural for us to desire more. We may be looking for answers that we are not sure of, or validation of things we have seen. That being said, I think Michael hit the nail on the head a few posts back when he said something along the lines of, "If you have time to read this blog, or your Bible, choose the Bible." And of course, he is correct. All the answers are there, the salvation we need, the relationship we desire,the knowledge we crave, the direction we should go.
It takes a great effort to walk away from someone who you know has God's personal words in their ear, knowing that it will take a great commitment to hear on your own. Especially if you are overwhelmed by the events of this world and you don't even know where to start. But if you are in faith, God will speak, and who knows, maybe He will lead you right back to this page. Don't be fretful, we will all know what we need to know when the time comes.
In Christ, Mrs. Pugh

Anonymous said...

all laughing aside, that was and is one of the most important messages you ever wrote and your silence taught me that long ago. I too would check your website every day looking for that prophetic word or article that would just direct my day. My flesh got angry with you (forgive me). I had gotten sick of the prophetic fluff out of another ministry that promises to give a word a day. And seeing the two extremes I had to seek God for myself. What a concept!

Silence speaks. It speaks volumes. Someone will budge. And then repent for their mistakes.

Marcel said...

Michael,you wrote;
"To the wise, even silence speaks volumes, and one does not require weekly updates from the throne room to know that God is using our enemies, our greed, and even nature itself to bring our pride to its knees."
I don't have dream or visions so can only speak what God teaches me in His word.
The devil wants to quiet and demonize those who speak the truth.
I could get along so well if I just went along with the dumbing down of the saint's program.
Most pastors only offer milk and cookies, thats all they have and know.
In conversing with many fellow believers they do not see what you can so easliy see.
They do not know God is raising up many nations to come against us.
They still see America as the good guys ,failing to understand our bad condition,having rejected everything of God and His laws.
They wrongly assume that God is on our side and we are the saviour of the world.
Maybe it is futile to try and warn them as they are already under such a strong delusion but I know once God silences me I will have nothign more to say to them.
It's happended with family who have rejected the truth as with Christian's on my journey who choose to hold onto the lie's and look to idols to save them from what is coming instead of Jesus.
Thank God there are some who see the truth and are not decieved and under the strong delusion.
The road is truly narrow.
Theres nothing like the peace of God in the midst of the storm and that only comes form listening to the Chief Shepherd.
Too many of God's people have been listening to false prophets and their lies and they do not have peace only panic and fear and they take it out on anyone close to them.

Anonymous said...

Amen. That is so true, speaking only when God speaks.

Right now, i'm in a season, starting today, to just be alone with God.

Just being with him, ALONE, for a while, because, oh how i yearn to be in his realm. I just started a website to just encourage....

the unveiling of god ministires;

so, i love u all, and may god bless

Anonymous said...

Judgment has come upon the church in the form of false teachers and false prophets having free reign to spread their filth anytime and anywhere they please.

After years of the true church refusing to do anything other than miss quote Matthew 7 "judge not lest you be judged", now the secular world - the lost - are judging the church. That judgment is coming with the loss of religious freedom, persecution, the infiltration of false and demonic religions and the growth of one world, militarized, police state.

When, if ever, will the church wake up? The church with exception of the remnant is now riding squarely on the back of the beast, in a drunken stupor that comes from mammon worship.

This is the same as when God used the pagan nations to judge Israel and Judah.

My personal belief is that the church as we have known it is done except for the small faithful remnant. The church as it has been is gone for good, the temple is surrounded and all that waits is one final thrust of mass persecution and strong delusion where the whole thing will come crashing down - not one stone will be left upon another.

The wonderful news is that God will raise us up in victory as He did His Son. A servant is not greater than his master. As with Him, so with us, blessed be the name of the Lord.


Elm Street Chapel said...

It is true that God is still speaking. He withholds nothing from those who love Him and humble themselves before Him daily.

If we are ever looking to a man, then we should humble ourselves before the Lord, ask for forgiveness and for ears to hear what His Spirit is saying. To those who can receive it, we have need of no other teacher except the Holy Spirit. When the Comforter comes, He will lead us into all truth. The Comforter has come, and as some here know, when God's servants and friends have asked Him for a fish, He will not give them a stone.

May God be with us, and give us both ears to hear and the patience to wait upon Him.

In Him,

Elm Street Chapel said...

Mike, as you know, you are correct on all points, possibly save one. Also I am sure that you receive much more in the Spirit than you post. There is a constant between those who have "oil" and those who don't. Those who have, just like your vision, Anchor in the Storm, know what is required to receive. They have counted the cost and consider all else loss. They are never at a lack for "something spiritual" because they go directly to the source. There they receive truth, comfort, wisdom, understanding, peace and much more. They may, or may not have the office of a "prophet" but we do have access to the same Spirit who tells us the same thing. Not so much word for word but understanding for understanding. Those who have ears to ears are not anxious for "the next word" because we have the confidense of the constant communication. The Holy Spirit speaks as often as we ask. Not that we know all or coach God at all but as friends He tells us things to come, as the Word says. Some difference certainly is noticable because of location, office or responsibility.

The only possible point I question is at what point is someone is not a brother? We don't all have the same Father, which is not always obvious, we don't all listen to the same spirit. The ones who say Lord, Lord but God says I never, repeat never knew you are sitting in the same churches we all attend. It seems to me that anyone who would argue with you (you are one meek man, and I intend that in a very good way) is either deceived or confused to the point of acting like the enemy, or they can't hear because they have a different father. I bow to your opinion on this man for now, but one day we will know. If he has a "beef" with the body of Christ he's angry at the wrong person.

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael

I grow in respect for you each day. All glory to God our Father, and our precious Lord Jesus. Once again you have proven yourself a true prophet of the living God by choosing to serve him rather than men. I used to come to this site every day to see if there was some new word from God. It is exciting for true worshipers to hear the pronouncments of our Great God. I'll admit sometimes I was hungry for a long time, however I never doubted that all would be given in proper time. Now I come for the blog. What a wonderful blessing . A place to share a heart for our Lord. And I know when the time is perfect as he is perfect he will speak, or release you to speak again. In the meantime I try with my all to be closer to him. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael,

Very well said! The Lord has given you wisdom beyond your years. I am only 29 years old and even I recognize that fact.

Indeed, as scripture says in Luke 7:35, "Wisdom is justified of all her children." I thank you very much that you do not condescend to to wiles of man, and like Peter and the apostles of old, boldly stand and declare, "We ought to obey God rather than men."

Michael, you should be glad that there are men like Albert who revile you at times, because it proves that you are in good company. Jesus said in Luke 6:26, "Woe unto you, when all men speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." It may not seem like it, but it's probably a good thing that you have your retractors.

Thank you for your encouragement and admonishment to be focusing on the major things and not to get side tracked by seeking the latest prophetic word. I believe that Paul's charge to Timothy would be good for all of us to hear again. He says in Timothy 6:11-12, "But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love,patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses."

Keep running the race set out before you Michael and don't let anyone or anything cause you to look to the left or right and keep you from obeying His voice alone.

Bless you brother!

Brother Andrew

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for being faithful to the Lord. I admire you and your family. You've been a great example of a faithful servant in Christ. There is so much at stake for you to even slip just once.

The majority of us don't have the exposure like you do; which doesn't excuse us from walking obediently, but it does remove us from seeing things from your perspective.

May God hold you in that place of obedience and holyness for all to see, because there are so many horrible examples that are being lifted up by men.

You certainly do help me and many others to not feel alone in our convictions; and this blog has been instrumental in that. I hope the Lord continues to allow you to write for as long as possible.

Thanks buddy and God Bless,
Jeff S.

Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't disapointed at Baltimore! It was such a blessing to meet you! You were different then I thought you would be!! I was trying to dress up spiritually before I came so I won't feel condemned when I meet this "great man of God". Your lack of "holy airs" almost threw me for a loop! I didn't have to measure up at all to feel comfortable with you. You were just like the rest of us - just a brother in the Lord! I like your God. (not that I don't have the same one, you know what I'm saying) He is a delightful God. His holiness is a joyful holiness. Our Holy God smiles and laughs! I can harldy imagine it but I'm sure He does. My, how religion has turned God into a dry tyrant that is impossible to please and never smiles! Thanks to God that He is able to work His character into His children and allows us to enjoy each other's fellowship! I'm still trying to get out of my mind-spin...spirituality - holiness is not long-faced. :) I guess I knew it but never saw anybody portray it like you did.

Anonymous said...

Mike - in reading some of the beratement you get subjected to, I feel like reminding you that some people are CRAZY and not to take everything they say to heart!

5 years later, people like me are still discovering this wonderful blog and getting caught up reading ALL of it. I must say, I read nervously and at a frantic pace, because any day now our judgement could arrive and then - no more internet- and there are hundreds of posts still to read! Yes I read my Bible too, in hardcopy, but I would so miss the online bible study aids that let you see a verse in a zillion different translations. This blog is such a blessing! I read and read and read until my head is swimming! Thank you so much for your faithful work in the Lord!