Thursday, October 25, 2007

Needing A Time Out

As most of you know, I was born in Romania. I could tell you that it is a beautiful, lush, mountainous country, which it is, but while living there as a child it was also a country that encouraged child discipline. Until the age of nine, before our entire family was uprooted and deported, I'd gotten my fair share of spankings, the worst of which was for almost poking my little brother's eye out with a 'wooden sword'. It was actually a stick that I was waving around at pretend adversaries, and he walked right into it, but no one listened to my explanation back then, so why should I expect anyone to listen now?
My mother was the family disciplinarian, unofficially elected by the rest of the adults, with my grandmother acting as her second in command whenever the situation called for it.
Two days after arriving in America, still shell shocked from all the change, I discovered parents couldn't spank you anymore. I found this out by way of another Romanian child, who had been here longer, that lived in the same ghetto we ended up living in. It was up until that time the best news I'd heard in my young life, and smiling I walked into our apartment, sidestepping the suitcases we used as ad hock mattresses, and said to my mother, 'you can't spank me anymore, this is America. The neighbor said I can call the police, and you'll be in big trouble.'
Never mind the fact that I did not speak a word of English, or that we didn't have a telephone, I simply repeated the foolish words, of a foolish neighbor without thought for consequence.
I soon discovered that in fact my mother could spank me, even in America, as she asked to borrow my dad's belt and proceeded to do just that. After a few well placed swats to my bottom, she bent over to look me in the eye, and said, 'go call the police now.'
Of course I didn't, nor did I ever again bring up the topic of her not being able to spank me in America.
No this article is not about child discipline, and how the lack thereof has made it impossible for parents to bring a semblance of order in their homes. It is in fact about our reaction to Iran after their persistent and continual defiance.
I liken the current situation, not to a child, but to a full grown adult who is threatening to come into your home, give you a black eye, set the neighborhood on fire, and the best we can do as a comeback, is 'you need a time out.'
A time out is exactly what new sanctions amount to, as pertains to Iran, sending a child to his room, where he wants to be in the first place, since it's full of video games, DVDS and a plasma screen television.
When will this nation realize that Iran is not afraid of sanctions? They already have the leading nations of the world courting them, hoping to find a spot at the petrol bar. When will we realize that they're just pulling for time, to bring their plans to fruition, like a basketball team who's two points ahead and decides to run out the clock so their victory is secured? One cannot reason with the unreasonable, or attempt to employ logic with the illogical.
If not for the scriptures which tell us that God will blind the eyes of the kings of the world, one would wonder if madness had overtaken them. Every decision, every action, or lack thereof, seems to bring us one step closer to the inevitable conclusion that was foreseen so long ago.
If we've learned one thing from this age of political correctness, it's that time outs don't work. Children don't fear being sent to their rooms, they fear their bottoms feeling as though they have been set on fire.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Marcel said...

I wrote this to an Israeli newspaper talkback on the same subject of US sanctions.
I think it's fitting as Israel's trust in so much in the US to save them.
They need to seek the Lord while He may be found because for sure ,the U.S. will not save Israel or ourselves.
The broadcasting it's final intent to attack Iran by the 'diplomatic' route of useless sanctions.
The religious fanatic of Iran has stated clearly many years ago that Iran would not wait to be attacked ,but do a pre-emptive strike.
I see another Pearl Harbor for the U.S. this time in Iraq and the Persian Gulf ,Quatar, UAE. Naval Bases.
Again ,our leaders are too stupid to stop what is coming as they were too stupid to stop 9/11.
The incompetence of the U.S. is breath taking and Israel had better put her whole trust in faith in Hashem because trusting in fools does have it's rewards,all bad.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah 50:24
I set a trap for you, O Babylon,
and you were caught before you knew it; you were found and captured.

With all the photoshoots and visits Iran is doing with North Korea, Syria, and Russia...I fear Iran IS that snare/trap that will make America "a desolation among the nations." seems most don't have eyes to see and ears to hear.

:::sigh::: My heart truly aches.

Thank you, Michael. Your blog is one of the only places where I feel "momentary mental relief among like minded individuals."

Know that you are prayed for.

May your hand freeze to your sword...


Wade in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Right on

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael,

Thanks for sharing the story about your childhood and spanking. It provided a hearty chuckle, because I am a parent of a 4-year old son and 2-year old daughter and we regularily apply the "board of education to the seat of knowledge" when necessary.

We have also tried the "time-out" tactic and I can tell you that the fear of his bottom feeling like it has been set on fire is definitely more fruitful in achieving the desired outcome, namely obeying mom and dad.

On a more serious note, Iran is a boiling pot ready to spill over and as the proverb goes, if you scoop fire onto your lap, you are going to get burnt. Surely, this nation is playing the fool and we are rushing headlong toward destruction.

"Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him." (Psalm 2:10-12)

Instead of taking refuge in the Lord, we take refuge in our "diplomatic" policies and instead of kissing the Son, we kiss our enemies (ie. Russia, China) by complying to their wishes.

Come King Jesus!

Brother Andrew

Elm Street Chapel said...

I agree 100%. This is a bit larger than the belt though, (of which I have had my fair share). The question is if you and I (Gods' ambassadors) call for war will we be doing the will of God? Will we be instep with God or Satan? Remember the destroyer was forge for God's purpose. I agree, I want the loud mouth to get punched, but is it the right time. They will certainly get what is coming to them sooner or later, but "Will I find faith", holds my anger in check. Would I support a war? Yes! Will I call for it? It's coming soon enough.

Marcel said...

I found the message you gave to us from April6 2007 stuck between the pages of my bible today and recommend that all read it again.
Also related to Wade's message
I see this trap set for the U.S.
from the book of Obadiah.

Pride goeth before destruction and we are a proud nation which assumes to divide the land God has given to His people Israel and reward it to His enemies.

The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord GOD concerning Edom; We have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle. Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised. The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD. If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night, how art thou cut off! would they not have stolen till they had enough? if the grapegatherers came to thee, would they not leave some grapes? How are[the things]of Esau searched out! how are his hidden things sought up! All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, [and] prevailed against thee; [they that eat] thy bread have laid a wound under thee: there is none understanding in him. Shall I not in that day, saith the LORD, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?

Anonymous said...

I work in a jail and a couple of weeks ago I asked a returning inmate, "What's the matter, didn't you get enough spankings as a child?" He laughed.

Too many times I see these men and women come back time and time again, for what we sometimes call "time out," just to go back and continue their behavior again and again when they get out. Unfortunately, these time outs actually can harden these people and the crimes can and many times do esculate in their severity that then will require prison time.

I've asked those who have even done prison time, what makes them continue their behavior and some of them just smile.

I know that this is not exactly in line with the posting being discussed, it's just an observation at the work place and I feel that it applies. I have to agree with our Brother.

Anonymous said...

I see the failure,the rot of the American way of life.
The money it costs to incarcerate the lawless and how our children are rasied to become lawless.
The 10 commondments outlawed by the lawless politician's on both sides of the aisle.
Here in my neck of the woods,criminals who should still be serving time in prison are released well before their sentence becasue there is just not enough prison space and budget to keep them in.
And so the lawless one's have no deterrence to change their ways becasue they know the state will take care of them and they will be out again.
I'm reminded about the hign number of child killers and rapists here in Florida who are let out to prey on our children again and again.
After Jessica was raped and buried alive by Mr. Couey,I asked ;Why was this evil persson allowed out again to prey on children ?
The fact that there are so many sexual predators out of prison who prey on our children reveals the failure and collapse of this country.

The system has failed and the bandaid our leaders have put over this problem can't stop the oozing pus that flows into our small towns and cities because God has been forsaken by this cursed land.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother,
Continue to stand, be strong and of good courage, for these are the days, the great and terrible days of the Lord, it is already written that these things would come to pass until Christ comes again our strength as always is Him, with Him and through Him. Not in any man, institution, religion, denomination, political party, and the thousand other-isms that are lies straight from hell,
Abba Yah, have mercy on us and deliver us from deception and delusion in these days, raise up voices to warn your people that now is the time to wake up and repent and come to the sweet fount of your mercy and forgiveness before it is too late.
My heart weeps with you.

p.s. Brother Mike, i heard you speak for the first time in mi. 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago, i was a fallen away catholic, lost, broken, confused, spiritually and emotionally dead, i was almost 50yrs. old and had never known that His Word was Life and i found it! and ate it and it was "good". When you spoke of repentance i went forward to the altar alone {i know now i wasn,t} in achurch where i didn't know the "rules". Before i came to New Beginnings. the Lord whispered to me "I Am waiting for you" and in this place and through men like Pastor Keith and you who speak truth, i have come to learn to walk in His Spirit and in His Truth and i am forever grateful and thankful.
Blessed be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. until He comes again, it is written, For His anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes in the morning. and after the mourning.
Shalom my brother, you are always in our prayers.