Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Word

I realize to most in what has become a carbon copy of Laodicea, mentioning, quoting or otherwise encouraging people to read the Word of God is not very popular.
If I were smart, at least in the eyes of some pseudo-evangelists and quasi-theologians, I am of course referring to the self promoters out there, at this moment in time I would be encouraging you to buy my books, watch my DVDs and sow a seed of faith, (put it on your credit card if you have to), into my ministry, which would be easy enough to remember since it would simply be my name in big bold letters, followed by the word 'ministries'.
Since I consider myself to be an honest man however, I will say something that amounts to shooting myself in the proverbial foot. If you only have time to read either this web log, or the Bible, I beg you, plead with you, and otherwise implore you, read the Bible.
Let's face it, nothing I will ever write will ever come even marginally close to matching the beauty, the wisdom, the eloquence and spiritual nourishment for your soul that one readily finds in the Word of God.
The Word of God is both surgeon and scalpel, both the path to eternity and the light by which we walk that path.
I speak from personal experience when I say that no matter the trial, no matter the heartbreak, it is due to the word of God that my hope was not shattered, and my faith was not shaken.
Too often in our lives we consider the idea of substituting the Word with books, or other men's writings, but there is no substitute for the Holy and sovereign Word of God.
Although I must admit I read more than most people, there is not a day that goes by that the Bible is not on that reading list. Even if I think I don't have the time, I make the time to open my Bible read a few verses, and meditate on the love, mercy grace, righteousness and justice of God. The Bible feeds my soul, and it will do the same for anyone who sincerely desires to know its mysteries.
So, back to my original thought for today, lest I make it longer than it was intended. If you only have time to read one thing on a daily basis, may it be the Word of Life, the Gospel of Christ, the guidepost to eternity.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


A Seed Sower said...

Good word Bro Michael, yes without reading and studying the Word of God we are going to be lost in the days ahead. Only but devouring its pages will we truly profit. Still it is good to be encouraged by a true man of God. Personally I don't have time to read any other books my life is to busy, but I am glad you have the time to check out the good ones and exhort us with nuggets. God Bless Helen B.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I'm always amazed to hear Christians say that they don't like to read the Bible, but they will give you their opinion on it. And some of these people are in positions of leadership that effect the direction of a church or a group of churches. They feel that no one can truly understand the Word; therefore they themselves never study it. It's disheartening to see that most Christians won't do this one simple thing. And if you can't get them to do can forget about them spending time in prayer. Fasting...ha, forget about it.
Thanks and God Bless,
Jeff S.

Anonymous said...

Brother Michael,

Reading this article, I thought you might be interested to know a little something of who is reading your blog. The reason I read your blog is exactly because your goal is turning people's attention to Scripture and to Jesus, and away from men's opinions and church traditions, whether you always explicitly say so or not. Your thoughts and ideas are just naturally saturated in Scripture, which I really appreciate, and I also recognize in your writing how much you do read.

Like you, I have always been a voracious reader, and even during my years in college and grad school when I had long lists of required reading aside from just my daily class reading, I would still find myself up studying the Word until the wee hours of the morning and meditating on it constantly throughout the day. On top of that load I took Hebrew for a couple years so I could read and understand the Scriptures better and appreciate the poetic language. I have read - even devoured - many of the writers you cite, too. In fact, I would spend hours in the university library reading original or early editions (i.e. not edited to suit the modern reader...) of some of the reformation and puritan writers I was writing papers on.

All that to say I recognize a "kindred spirit" in you in that way, which is comforting. Because the Lord convicted me several years ago that I was to stop reading everything except His Word. I did entirely for a couple years. I'm glad, because there was a LOT I had missed and never read about anywhere else, and it only humbles me to realize how much more there is to discover about Him in it. Now, only occasionally do I have the leading or freedom to read a book or Christian news magazine, aside from 4 ministry newsletters I receive - yours, VOM, David Wilkerson and one from a local Bible smuggling ministry. (I hope you'll agree you're in good company!) In the past 2 years, I have felt free and encouraged to read your articles as you post them on your website (not very often!) and aside from that, there is only one other teaching ministry I feel free to read from online - Ed Corley's Otherwise, my dial up connection is too slow to bother with the Internet.

I say this just to encourage you that what you have to say is important to the Lord. I honestly think if that weren't the case the Holy Spirit would not let me read it. As I'm sure is the case with most of your readers, it is not taking away from my time in the Word but is confirming what I read in the Word and hear in the spirit.

Since I'm currently not working (it seems I'm shut in with the Lord and His Word while He works on me), and since I'm not free to "read around" the way I used to (nor do I have TV), this is a blessing to me. It's a cup of fresh water to read what you write and realize I'm not alone in what I see and hear.

Marcel said...

Something'someone' told me to check back with helping hand last night after a long absence.
I'm glad i did to find your blog.
Thank you for your simple obedience to the truth and humility which is spo rare in these waning days of mans rule on the decaying earth.
I was led to read Jonah today and am always show something I missed before.
Jonah 1:6 The lost folks on the ship were in a panic while Jonah slept and God was turning their tranquil journey upside down.
The captain had a name for the only one on the ship who was not in a panic. Jonah :sleeper.
I think God's people will be the only ones not in a panic by the time God is finished shaking the earth.
Too many of God's people are dead asleeep today.
Keep up the good fight of faith and hold onto the only anchor,Messiah Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael, once again. It is heartbreaking that so few Christians these days know their Bibles...a few years ago I went to a ladies' Bible Study and was asked (by someone who had been a Christian as long as me, or longer)where I had done my theological training!!! I said, I hadn't, I just read my Bible. I am trying to memorise more these days, just in case I don't have a Bible one day. Amy, you sound very similar to me. I too was an avid reader, but now I have pretty much put aside other Christian books. I think it is important to snatch whatever time we can, whenever we can, with the precious Word.