Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hope In God!

There is a saying I heard somewhere once, a long time ago. At the time it seemed pretentious at best, especially given the context in which it was uttered, but seeing the signs all around us, seeing the convergence of so many events both natural and man made, the saying rings true today, 'those in the know, know!'
Unfortunate as it may be, the world seems more in tune with what is happening on this rock we call our temporary home, and justifiably so the world is concerned and some even fearful.
We are mere months, perhaps weeks away from starting a new war, in the same region we are currently engaged in battle; our economy is shaky at best; the almighty dollar, that which so many lust after and trust in, is rapidly deflating like a balloon which suffered the sting of a pinprick; people are losing their homes, debt is at an all time high, and many a soul have shared the bleak sentiment that there is nothing left to hope in.
These are the times, and these are the days in which one sees where his house was built. Whether built upon the rock, or upon the sand, it is the trials and the hardships that prove the strength and stability of our foundation. The faithful few in this nation, that learned to trust and depend on God, that hoped in Him, and only Him when they had no earthly reason, because they lived in the years of plenty, will continue to be steadfast, and hope in Him now that the years of famine are closing in.
It is to those, and through those souls that God will prove Himself, that the world may see our hope was not vainly placed when we laid it at His feet. For now the faithful, the chosen and sanctified, will continue to hope in God, as they always have, while the world, and even those in the church who placed their trust in worldly things will continue to grow more fearful and despondent. What a truly terrifying thing it must be to realize, perhaps too late that you have been weighed, and have been found wanting, that all the crutches and security blankets have been violently stripped away, and though you could have abounded in hope, in peace, in joy and in charity, hollowness reigns in your heart.
It is not too late dear friend, hope in God, trust in Him, and He will neither fail you nor forsake you in your time of greatest need.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


A Seed Sower said...

God help us all we have been so spoiled for so long, and depended upon our God given provision, taken it for granted even. I pray that we will awaken to the hour that is upon us. Thank you Bro Michael for being the voice in the wilderness crying to awake us all before it is too late. What will happen to those who have placed their trust in their money instead of in God?!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Even so, come Lord Jesus.